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Beautycounter+ Brightening and Vitamin C Line Review

Mar 29, 2017

Beautycounter+ Brightening and Vitamin C Line Review by Colorful EatsTo be completely honest with you all, I am a hard sell—it truly takes a lot for me to really get excited about a product.  Well, this new Brightening + Vitamin C line from Beautycounter blew me out of the water!

Last month, my pre-sale box of Beautycounter’s new line Beautycounter+ line arrived and let me just say, mail day in Spain is simply the best, but this package was much anticipated!  I hurried home and was so excited to try it!

Initial thoughts: the packaging both the individual boxes and bottles is simply glamorous, and I am a sucker for packaging!  With each of the three new lines, they kept the branding the same, but used variations of colors differentiating between the three lines—Brightening + Vitamin C is white, Plumping is blush pink and Balancing is black.  The mist and oil bottles are glass and feel so glamorous in your hand!

I tried the Brightening + Vitamin C mask and was amazed at truly how refreshed and radiant it left my skin.  After using both the mask, mist and oil, my face truly had a luminous glow to it!

Beautycounter+ Brightening and Vitamin C Line Review by Colorful EatsI have a rule that I like to try things for a month before truly recommending them to you all, but I was so in love with this that I shared some sneak peaks on social media with you all!

Well, after a month of consistently using the Brightening line, I can honestly say it is a game changer and you will truly feel the glow in the best possible way! With the warm summer months approaching, I like to wear my natural skin a bit more and the combo of mask, mist and oil will give you that sun-kissed, natural glow without even a bit of makeup!

My skin looks brighter and more even after the mask and the mist preps my face, sets my make-up and helps refresh my look throughout the day. The oil provides a healthy shot of antioxidants that brightens the skin.

Beautycounter+ Brightening and Vitamin C Line Review by Colorful EatsBeautycounter+ Brightening and Vitamin C Line Review by Colorful EatsSo what ingredients gives off that magical glow?

This line is rich in antioxidants that boosts radiance and provides a layer of protection against environmental stressors.

  • Vitamin C: a natural antioxidant that helps reduce the appearance of age spots, dark spots and blemishes.  Vitamin C is essential to collagen synthesis which is important in skin health and the elasticity of your skin.
  • Kakuda Plum: a natural antioxidant that boosts luminosity and helps refine the skin’s surface
  • Lime Pearl Extract: gently promotes a brighter complexion
  • Avocado & Black Currant Oil: nourishing and anti-inflammatory

I think this new Brightening + Vitamin C collection is the perfect addition to everyone’s beauty bag!

I also love the Plumping Peony mask for a bit of rejuvenation and lift to your skin and the Balancing face oil is actually my daily favorite oil as it truly helps blemishes and breakouts.

Have you tried any of the new items? Would love to know your thoughts in the comments below!


Shop HERE or learn more about why I believe in safer skincare HERE!Beautycounter+ Brightening and Vitamin C Line Review by Colorful Eats

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