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Cozy up for your daily dose of healthy living, better beauty tips and delicious recipes! Here at Flourish you will be encouraged to live your best possible self and learn to balance conscious living with grace. Coffee, tea or champagne anyone?

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Hey there, I'm Caroline!
Grab a cup of coffee, tea or bubbly and cozy up for a behind-the-scenes look at how I balance healthy with a whole lot of grace...and yum!

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I can’t believe I am already in my third trimester—honestly there were moments that I didn’t think I would make it and even a scare when I thought little Roo wouldn’t either, but the human body continues to amaze me!! The second trimester was filled with miracles, endless prayers, many rough moments when I really […]

Today’s episode is all about you, our amazing listener, and the burning questions you’ve got about healthy eating and living! We took a handful of questions that have been sent to us from women all over the country about different health topics and answered them with our personal food and lifestyle philosophies. And surprisingly, we […]

Wanting those glamorous, luscious lips?  Well, you might want to rethink your favorite brand of lipstick because with each swipe you are also getting a dose of harmful chemicals and toxins. This Valentine’s day I thought it would be fun to shake it up a bit and instead of giving you a delicious, sugary treat, […]

Today’s episode is such a treat because we got to chat with the beauty behind Ambition Kitchen, Monique Volz. We are all about her healthy lifestyle philosophy and love the way she’s sharing her story to empower others to find balance within their own health journey. Monique shares a bit about her struggle to find […]

I vividly remember one day while dating my now husband that he called me at college to say he had given up soda for a month and felt much better.  Well, what inspired you to do that, I asked?  YOU, he quickly responded!  Honestly, I had never once mentioned to him to stop drinking soda, […]

Today’s episode is all about breaking down common food buzzwords and helping you to create your healthiest diet along your own wellness journey. Because everyone’s story is different and where everyone is at along their journey varies so much, we wanted to do this episode to help you make the best food choices based on […]

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