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Cozy up for your daily dose of healthy living, better beauty tips and delicious recipes! Here at Flourish you will be encouraged to live your best possible self and learn to balance conscious living with grace. Coffee, tea or champagne anyone?

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Hey there, I'm Caroline!
Grab a cup of coffee, tea or bubbly and cozy up for a behind-the-scenes look at how I balance healthy with a whole lot of grace...and yum!

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Today’s episode is something special. I think we both agree the story of transformation that our guest shares is nothing short of miraculous, but not because of some random happenstance, but because of a desire to live beyond her circumstances and cultivate an environment for her and her family to thrive. We invited Marilee Nelson, […]

Almost a year ago, I checked myself into the ER with period cramps so unbearable, I could barely walk.  For almost 2 years prior, I vividly remember laying on the bathroom floor for hours and loosing days every month to PMS symptoms and about a week each month due to excruciating migraines. Even as a […]

Welcome back to another episode of the Colorful Eats podcast, we are so excited you’re here! Keeping with the theme of making your New Year’s resolutions (aka life resolutions) last, we wanted to talk about how to really make good nutrition stick, not just in January, but all year long. In today’s episode, we’re asking […]

Learn how to overcome adrenal fatigue naturally with these simple, holistic steps so that you can live vibrantly and fully alive once again. In my mid-twenties, I was the “picture perfect” version of health.  On the outside, I looked and acted like I had it all together (because in my mind that is what I […]

We are back in action this week with an episode that we’re hoping helps to get your mind right as you sink into the New Year and encourage you to create healthy habits…that actually last. A big piece of this is cultivating new healthy habits and getting rid of the ones that are holding you […]

This past year, I really focused on non-toxic living and noticed a HUGE difference in my health, energy, skin and hormones! I can’t wait to share more with you this next year, diving deeper into the nitty gritty of why all this matters not only to us but also our future generations. Crazy to think […]

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