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Confidently You: Dress for Success

Apr 29, 2016

Oh owning your own business is just endless bliss of yoga pants, sleeping in and styling pretty photos for Instagram right?!  Well, not really! Trust me, I love working from home, but its funny how perceptions are always different from reality!

Not going to lie, I currently am in yoga pants sitting at my desk sipping coffee with lots of cream, and that to me is bliss!  But it’s also a lot of dishes and you-tube-ing how to create things in photoshop!

Call me crazy, but I am the diligent type—the one who wakes up at 6:15 each morning to start my day!  Routines keep me sane, especially since my husband is gone a lot, routines have honestly become my best friend and if you have never tried implementing a routine, trust me, DO IT and you will be that much more productive and happy!

And then you can take time to go swimming in the afternoon when your work is done, like I did yesterday—oh yes, the joys of working from home!

Part of my routine is dressing for success—even if that just means dressing for myself!

There is something about putting on a cute and comfy outfit, a little bit of makeup (my favorite safe beauty products HERE) and getting yourself ready for the day—I don’t know what it is but I am so much more productive all day long when I do this!  Oh and breakfast, don’t forget that!

Sharing a few of my go to “working from home” outfits for spring and summer as well as my favorite desktop organization pieces, yes it starts with coffee and lots of to-do lists in my calendar!  Oh and my FAVORITE purse that you all always ask about is on sale—yay!

Thank you Cait Schlabach Photography for these photos!

Dress | Shoes | Hat | Watch | Sunglasses | Purse

Coffee Shop Work Afternoon Outfit

Yoga Pants All Day Type of Day

Desktop Favorites

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