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Confidently You: Choosing Joy in the Difficult Moments

Apr 8, 2016

Photography by Kylie Martin Photography by Kylie Martin

Welcome to this week’s “Confidently You” post! Check back for last week’s post introducing this new section of my website encouraging YOU to confidence!

I wish I could say I every day is this joyful and colorful—playing dress up, prancing around in front of painted walls and holding tulips without a worry in the world!  But really how amazing is this art wall?!  I love special moments like this because they bring joy into our world and these are moments to hold onto when life get’s tough.

You all know my life motto is choose joy—something I cling to quite often and two words that have given me strength especially when dealing with the day to day struggles that come with living with my disease.

After two years of contemplating getting these words written in ink, about two weeks ago I finally did it, with a whole lot of encouragement from my husband! I wanted this daily reminder to look at during the difficult days! I wanted these words to give me the confidence that no matter what life brings, allowing our situations to define us for the best is always the right decision.

You don’t always have to be happy and thinking the world is all rainbows and butterflies—you can have bad days and be ok with that! But those two words “choose joy” now permanently written in ink are a reminder that I have to try and make the best of a situation even in the difficult moments, I have to at least try to choose joy!

…and I absolutely love it!

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