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Be an Influencer for Beautiful Change

Mar 3, 2017

Photo by Kylie Martin


Exactly a year ago, I was pretty miserable in life—feeling so scattered, completely exhausted and lacking the passion that normally bubbles out of my joyful self! I knew I had to make some changes in my work schedule, my personal life and my health, specifically cutting a lot of toxins out of my home and beauty routine.  Thankfully, a now dear friend, mentioned Beautycounter to me and their mission of educating people on why safe skincare is so important and working to get safer products into the hands of everyone.

Just hearing their mission brought so much joy and fulfillment into my life!

As a NTP, education is my top priority, so this was a mission I could get behind.  What I didn’t realize at the start when I jumped in last Spring, was how receptive you all would be to wanting to know more about how the products we use each and every day truly affect us, especially us women and our lovely female hormones!

Tomorrow on, March 4th, is Beautycounter’s four year anniversary, I wanted to thank YOU all for walking this journey with me, allowing me to educate you all and truly breathing new life into my business and personal life!

You are making a difference, whether you realize it or not!  That lip sheer you purchases last month and that face oil you just received in the mail are SO much more than just that.

Your purchase goes beyond the way your skin feels, your hormones interact after starting to eliminate toxins and the way your child or future child will grow and thrive.

YOU are making a difference on a bigger scale.

By saying YES to safer products, you are apart of a movement to get safer products into the hands of everyone, all across the globe.

Beautycounter is working not just to create safe and effective products, but also working on a larger scale to push for change in this industry.  Beautycounter has banned over 1500 questionable and harmful ingredients in their products through their rigorous Never List and is working to pass laws and encourage more companies to take a look at their ingredient list.  A major law regarding the cosmetics industry has not been passed since 1938, so much work needs to be done!

Choosing to influence your own life, vibrancy and health is the first and best step, but if you are passionate about this and want to educate and empower other women, you can be an influencer like me!

I aways say, “I don’t sell makeup and skin products, I educate, influence and empower women to take a small step towards influencing their own health.”

If that is something that resonates with you too, join me in this amazing movement and become a Beautycounter consultant like me, plus you will get to work with my silly self each day, so why not?!

As a thank you from me for choosing safer skincare products and truly impacting yourself and the world around you…

  • With any purchase today through Sunday (ends Sunday March 5 at midnight Pacific), I will be sending you a fun little sample gift.  No minimum purchase required.  Shop HERE or become a Band of Beauty member HERE to get 15% rewards back!
  • If you want to be an influencer for change, when you join as a Beautycounter consultant HERE, I will be sending you one of my favorite beauty items to help get your business started (free gift through Sunday only)! Serious inquiries only please.  Feel free to contact me first with any questions!


To learn more about why safe skincare is SO important and my favorite products, head over to my Beauty page!

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