5 Minute Minimalistic Non-Toxic Makeup Routine for the Better Beauty Babe



5 Minute Safe, Non-Toxic Makeup Tutorial by Colorful Eats

Truth be told, I used to not enjoy makeup at all—both putting it on and taking it off.  Ok full disclosure, I remember one time in college my sister told me to invest in some makeup remover.  Yes, I have come a long way…thankfully!

Makeup was such a process, and I liked the way it looked, but didn’t like the way it felt!  It even took a lot for me to wear lipgloss at my own wedding.  Makeup, even the “better” brands, just felt so “ugh” and at the end of the day, I felt like I wanted to scrape it all off!5 Minute Safe, Non-Toxic Minimalistic Makeup Routine for the Better Beauty Babe5 Minute Safe, Non-Toxic Minimalistic Makeup Routine for the Better Beauty Babe

Fast forward a few years…when I first started working as a Beautycounter consultant, I instantly thought, well I don’t like makeup all that much and I am not a glamorous super model.  But I loved Beautycounter’s mission and skincare products so I took the plunge, one I am very glad I did!

Something began to slowly change within me…

I vividly remember waking up and wanting to put makeup on each morning! I remember being excited about finding the right eye shadow color and testing out different lip sheer colors, which coming from the girl who used to refuse lip stick that is saying a lot.  I started researching and watching makeup tutorials and even learning the proper way to apply blush!

I have thought long and hard why I started loving makeup the past year and I think it comes down to a few things.

First, I know for a fact that the products I am putting on my skin daily are good for me and that sparks inner confidence. 

I have actually seen switching to safe and non-toxic living make a dramatic change in my own life and that is something I can’t hide! I have seen it help my hormone struggles, balance blemishes and hormonal acne and made me felt much more secure about my future and possibly a one day family.  I talk much more about my hormone struggles and journey in my online nutrition course, the Happy Hormones Workshop.

Second, this safe, non-toxic makeup routine WORKS. 

At the end of the day, even through these hot and humid summer days, my face still feels and looks great!!! I never re-apply my makeup or touch it up!  I am such a “feel” type of person and if something doesn’t feel great I just get annoyed.  When I feel great, my mind can focus on what work or activities I have to do and that is something that has majorly impacted my life, productivity and happiness!

Beautycounter just launched their customizable 5 minute face set, which is exactly what I use each day! 

5 Minute Safe, Non-Toxic Minimalistic Makeup Routine for the Better Beauty Babe5 Minute Safe, Non-Toxic Minimalistic Makeup Routine for the Better Beauty BabeBy changing up my skincare routine and really focusing on the quality of ingredients I choose to put on my skin, I have found so much inner confidence, confidence that comes from within and that is something I am so passionate about sharing with you!

So today, I am sharing my tried and true 5 minute minimalistic makeup routine for the better beauty babe—YOU! If you want to look and feel great, but still let your natural self shine through, this routine is for you!

If you have any questions or are interested in sharing non-toxic living with others and becoming a Beautycounter consultant, please send me an email! I would love to hear from you!


5 Minute Safe, Non-Toxic Minimalistic Makeup Routine for the Better Beauty BabeSkin Prep

This is a step that for the longest time I was missing.  Using toner and moisturizer is key! It is key to keeping your face hydrated and luscious but also preparing your skin for makeup.  My foundation blends in so smoothly when my skin is properly hydrated.  I used to skip this step because I didn’t want to feel greasy, but trust me, these options won’t leave you greasy or feeling yuck!

*I personally switch it up daily to give my skin different nutrients.

Toner: Brightening+ Vitamin C Facial Mist or Rose & Mint Complexion Mist

Moisturizer: Brightening+ Vitamin C Face Oil or Balancing Face Oil (not greasy at all)


Tint Skin Foundation: I personally just put about a small pea size on my finger tips and rub it around like a moisturizer.  Probably not the most “professional” way but hey it is quick and works for me.  This foundation is a game changer and you will hardly even notice you are wearing makeup!

Matiffy Finishing Powder: This is an essential step that you do not want to skip.  This sets your makeup and is key to keeping it all day long.  Plus this powder brush is dreamy and you will fall in love!


I alternate between the Matte Bronzer No 1 and blush in Bloom/Tulip depending on what I am wearing and what look I am going for.  This summer, I have been loving the bronzer as it gives a bit of a summer glow, along with the highlighter.  

Now, something I learned while researching makeup and I was totally doing wrong before, is that you really just want to apply it to the upper part of your cheek bone.  This makes sure that you have a good contour line but also don’t have rosy cheeks or too bright of a complexion.  You just want to highlight your cheeks not color them fully.  So, to apply your bronzer or blush, simply smile and apply with this angled brush (perfect size/angle for application) from the top of your check bone down to where your cheek starts, but not past it.  This is why smiling helps because you can find the right area easily 🙂

Now what is a highlighter besides that bright yellow pen? A highlighter is all the rage right now and I finally found a safe one I just love and it truly gives your skin just a bit of glow, perfect for that sun kissed look.  Simply swipe a bit on the very top of your cheek bone and use your middle finger to blend.

5 Minute Safe, Non-Toxic Minimalistic Makeup Routine for the Better Beauty Babe

Eye Brow Pencil

Ok, this Define Eye Brow Pencil was a big game changer and actually one of my fabulous Beautycounter clients recommended it to me! I use this to lightly darken in my eye brows and give them some shape.  Often I don’t wear any eye makeup other than the brow pencil and it truly gives your face the perfect natural definition.


I searched for a very long time for a mascara that I LOVED and finally found two I love—Beautycounter’s Volumizing Mascara and Lily Lolo.  For a more dramatic look I prefer Beautycounter’s Voumizing Mascara which is what I wear most often, I absolutely love it for everyday and layering it a bit more for fancy occasions.  Lily Lolo’s is often what I wear when I am just running around town and don’t need to wear makeup for as long, as it doesn’t last as long as Beautycounter’s.

5 Minute Safe, Non-Toxic Minimalistic Makeup Routine for the Better Beauty BabeLip Sheer

I am obsessed, literally have these stashed everywhere, all coming from the girl who refused to wear lip gloss or lip stick.  This safe lip sheer is free of lead and other harmful toxins but also wears just like chapstick, so you feel great all day! It stays on for a long time and actually nourishes your lips as you wear it.  For my daily look, I love Twig as it enhances your lips natural color and simply gives a bit of definition.

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