10 Day Better Beauty Challenge



Learn why safe beauty and skincare is so important to your overall health and how simple swaps can benefit your everyday health and future generations.

Photography by Kylie Martin

Have you ever stopped to read the ingredients in your makeup, hair and skincare products? If you’re like most women, you probably pay attention to the ingredients on your food, but when it comes to buying cosmetics, you focus on the aesthetics.  <— Hand raised right here, this was me until my eyes were opened!

Changing your diet is the first step and a good step, but it isn’t ENOUGH.

  • Did you know that your skin is your body’s largest organ and that the average woman uses 12+ products each day, each with potentially dozens of harmful ingredients, potentially coming into contact with 144+ toxins each day from beauty products alone?  
  • Did you know the average woman consumes over 7 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime with toxic heavy metals and dangerous lead in them?
  • Did you know, more than 287 chemicals were found in a newborn baby’s umbilical cord according to a recent Red Cross study?

Unfortunately, I can tell you that most of what you find on the shelf or marketed so sweetly at the department store contains toxic chemicals that can have a variety of subtly noticeable effects that are in fact, very harmful to your endocrine, neurological and immune system. (The stuff that regulates your metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and mood).

Here’s the good news though:

There are products out there that are safe and actually good for you!

Ones that you’ll feel good putting on your skin, knowing that your health and future is not compromised.

My mission is to help women just like you, feel empowered… about what you’re eating, your beauty routines, your self-esteem, your relationships and your vibrancy each day.  Safer beauty and skincare is one important piece of that puzzle that you have the power to change in your daily life!

The Flourish 10 Day Better Beauty Challenge starts Monday, so join us and hundreds of other women who are saying YES to better beauty!

Join the challenge HERE!

This challenge isn’t just about the products you use either. I’m going to teach you how to eat better to make that skin glow from the inside out! Beauty isn’t all about aesthetics, it starts from within YOU. 

Flourish: Better Beauty Challenge

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