What is CBD Oil and Why I Take It Daily



Woman holding a bottle of Daily Drops CBD oil with the dropper above the bottle and squeezing a drop from the dropper into the bottle.

Here’s why I’m taking CBD oil daily

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I’ll be really honest with you—this past June I got pretty desperate! At close to 15 months postpartum, I still was not sleeping through the night!  

I tried everything…and SO much of what I was trying was helping, and helping A LOT! Adrenal fatigue issues are one of the biggest foundations for sleep and thankfully after months of working on my adrenals, my sleep and energy was greatly improving!

But there was still something missing.

I would toss and turn all night and wake up in the morning feeling like I lost a battle—I would wake up feeling like I was defeated rather than excited to tackle the day. That started giving me pretty bad anxiety, which made me feel really down about myself and the cycle worsened. Let’s just say sleep is KEY!

About this same time, my friend posted about Equilibria CBD oil! I started following them on Instagram and thought, wow this company is doing it differently! They weren’t just pushing a product—they were educating!

So on a whim, I thought what do I have to lose?

Within 1 night of taking Equilibria CBD oil, I started sleeping through the night and have been ever since! You all, ONE day was all it took for me! I now wake up feeling so rested and most of my anxiety has subsided, or at least the anxiety that was triggered by lack of sleep.

I also deal with pretty intense migraines (that leave me totally incapacitated and beyond miserable) and their relief cream has SAVED me from having a full blown migraine attack. I now keep a jar with me wherever I go!

AHH, thankful doesn’t even begin to cover it!! CBD oil tinctures were truly a missing puzzle piece of my toolkit that my body clearly needed!

….and no…it doesn’t get you high! More on that to come below!

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Bottle of CBD oil on a table

How does CBD oil work?

CBD at it’s core works to reduce inflammation—typically the root cause of many diseases and health struggles!

The active ingredient, CBD, and other cannabinoids (hence full spectrum CBD which I’ll explain in a minute) work to balance the endocannabinoid system—the endocannabinoid system is part of the central nervous system, made up of cannabinoid receptors throughout the human body to help keep your entire body running smoothly and in a balanced way. They impact sleep, nerve function, mood appetite, memory, chronic pain, reproduction, the immune system and more. CBD oil or cannabinoids bind to these receptors and encourage them to function more efficiently.

As we age and are exposed to stress (hello every day modern living), our bodies stop creating as many of these endocannabinoids, which means our system stops functioning as well. That’s where CBD comes into play!

Anyone that is exposed to daily stress (ALL of us!) can get health benefits CBD oil!

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How can CBD oil help?

I personally started taking CBD oil for sleep and anxiety (caused by lack of sleep)! Unlike a sleep aid (something like melatonin) CBD oil works to correct the underlying imbalances, rather than putting on a ‘bandaid fix.’ As a holistic nutritionist, I am all about working to correct the foundational issue, so this really appealed to me!

I firmly believe that addressing the root cause is KEY! For me, my anxiety was caused by a lack of sleep and waking up everyday feeling like I lost a battle. Once I addressed the root cause (sleep), my anxiety almost all but disappeared! I love how holistic and foundational CBD oil is!

Many people take CBD products for headaches, migraines, joint pain, period cramps, sleep, anxiety disorders, pain management, mood balance, focus, autoimmune disease, and hormone regulation!

Personally as someone with health issues from both Type 1 diabetes and Hashimotos I have noticed my morning blood sugars are a bit more balanced since taking Equilibria CBD oil!

Why is full spectrum important?

Full-spectrum CBD oil is important because it combines other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant thus and maximizes the positive effects for you! Equlibira broad spectrum CBD oil has 9 cannabinoids that work best when they are together—so picture team work here—they are most powerful and beneficial when they work together or amplify each other, known as the ‘entourage effect.’

Caroline Potter holding a bottle of Daily Drops in her hands.

Does it get you high?

HAHA no!!! CBD is not marijuana or ‘weed’ – that comes from a different variety of cannabis plant and it doesn’t get you high! It’s legal at the federal level in the United States, although some state laws are more strict, so I would reach out to Equilibria directly if you have any concern.

Equilibria’s CBD oil has less than 0.3% THC so you could consume the whole bottle and still not have any impairment issues. When THC is intoxicating it requires levels beyond 3-10% to “feel high.”

I consider CBD oil (also called ‘CBD tinctures’) just one part of my health living toolkit! For me, it’s a natural remedy or “alternative medicine” that has truly helped me SO much, just like healthy food, stress management, nontoxic living, etc. 

Are all CBD oils created equally? How does this affect effectiveness and safety?

Just like with anything in life (skincare, food, cars, phones), not all products are created equal—anything you are putting in your body should be carefully selected! 

Cannabis naturally absorbs toxins in the ground, like other foods do, so third party lab testing is crucial here! The CBD industry isn’t regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, so the safety concerns are that most of the products out there are either poorly grown and processed, which means they often have way less CBD than they claim; and or they have pesticides and heavy metals in them which can be really dangerous. There is no FDA approval process to help the consumer make good choices.

Image of a bottle of Daily Drops full spectrum CBD with a small bowl of gel capsules and a small container of balm beside it.

Why did you choose Equilibria over other brands?

The main difference is Equillibria’s quality and commitment to education not just pushing a product really impressed me!! I am very particular with brands I use and even more particular with brands I share with you all, so let’s just say this one is carefully vetted and gets the Caroline stamp of approval as the best CBD oil (no easy feat)!

I started talking with the women behind this CBD company and the more I got to know them, I was more and more impressed! These women are passionate about the benefits of CBD and truly want to change lives! Their quality and commitment to transparency blew me away—they wanted me to know all about their CBD oil products, how it could help me and about their manufacturing process before ever trying to sell me anything.

Equillibria hand harvests their organic, full-spectrum hemp extract from the flowers only, the purest source of cannabinoids. We never use stalks, stems, seeds, or isolates— no fluff, no fillers, no middle man, and definitely no synthetic cannabinoids —delivering you cleaner, better results from natural ingredients!

I asked Equilibria about their strict growing, harvesting and processing rules:

Our CBD is fully traceable from our 1,100 acre farm to your doorstep. While we are not the only vertically-integrated company (with full traceability back to the seed) it is extremely rare. In addition to our rare insistence on consistency and transparency, we choose to follow all the strict farming practices that a medical marijuana farm would use—not because we have to, but because we choose to.

The vast majority of brands out there simply purchase CBD as a white-labeler. They can’t tell you every single step the CBD has been through, from genetics and botany lab to plating to harvesting to extraction to formulation. We put a lot of care into every single step, from taking the time to choose only the best plants to the water we use (well water directly from our land), from the fact that our crop is sun grown (which makes for happier plants) to the fact that we hand pick only the flowers (which has the highest content of cannabinoids and terpenes). Everything we do is with an eye towards getting the best product possible. Additionally, because we are a completely vertically integrated company, we get a level of consistency that most companies don’t.

Boom, I’m a fan!

I have actually had SO many of you all message me saying… “CBD oil wasn’t working for me until I took your advice and tried Equilibria and saw results within the day! Thank you for sharing Caroline!”

Woman holding bottle of Daily Drop CBD oil.

What difference have you noticed since taking CBD oil?

Sleep!!! Dreamy, good, restful and restorative sleep! Sleep is essential for daily functioning, and not just functioning but thriving. My energy, focus, clarity and peace of mind is in such a good place now since getting consistent sleep!

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I pulled out the relief cream and let’s just say it has saved me!!

For more acute situations like PMS cramps and migraines I LOVE the relief cream! Seriously, I can’t tell you how many times it has saved me from a migraine attack, and honestly I haven’t found many things that actually help my migraines. Rub this all over the source of your migraine and let it work its magic! For cramping, I will put the cream on my lower back and abdomen and before I am even done rubbing it in, I notice relief!

How much do you take?

I don’t ever share exact amounts or dosages that I personally take as I am not a medical doctor, but I love that Equilibria offers a personal dosage concierge! Just get in touch with them and they will work with you to find the sweet spot amount just for you!

Just like dietary supplements, CBD oil works best when taken on a consistent basis (consistency is key to most things in life, right?!) and I take the hemp seed oil every night about 20 minutes before going to sleep! I really do recommend their subscription service because then you don’t have to worry about running out, trust me you will thank me later!

I also get bad cramping and ovulation pain (something that not all women get), so I take soft gels daily on those 2-3 days when I am ovulating for pain relief. The soft gels are time released and I have noticed a big difference! I also have taken the soft gels if I notice a slight start to a migraine and that has really helped too!

Woman holding a bottle of CBD oil in her hand.

Should I really get the subscription?


I’m always hesitant of subscriptions because I hate getting spammed or locked into anything! I actually created a second subscription for myself just so I could test out how easy it was to cancel for you all, it seriously takes 10 seconds and one click!


You will get the best results when you take CBD oil daily and consistently—think about taking your vitamins, working out, sleeping, showering, etc—and you will save money in the long run with the subscription service!!

You can also purchase individual products (I recommend the 300 mg bottle), but I know you will thank me later if you get the subscription box! Plus isn’t the point to decrease stress? Having to order something or forgetting to order for sure is a stressor to me!

Sweeten the deal with a discount!

This truly has helped me so much Equilibria created a discount code just for you all. Simply click HERE or enter the code ‘flourish’ at checkout for 15% off!

I honestly can’t recommend CBD oil enough!! I hope you get to experience the amazing benefits I have experienced too!

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Please always consult with your doctor or medical professional first as I am not here to offer any medical support, simply passionate about sharing what has made a huge difference in my life! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Equilibria directly or send me a message on Instagram @caroline__potter! I’d love to connect!

Thank you Equilibria for sponsoring today’s post, as always all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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