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If you had told me 10 years ago when I was entering college that I would be doing what I am doing today, I would have laughed and called you crazy! When I was 18, I never expected to be living in Spain with my darling husband and daughter. A diagnosis with Type 1 diabetes was not on the horizon. Becoming a NTP or a Beautycounter consultant was never in my plans.  Funny how some of the best opportunities and moments in my life are the ones I didn’t set out to do.

Enter me becoming a Beautycounter consultant!

Let’s set the scene first: I vividly remember the day. I was sitting at our kitchen table with my husband when we were stationed in Hawaii.  I had just sent my cookbook off for final edits and was catching up on emails when one from a woman named Kate—who is now my mentor and a dear friend I admire and look up to—caught my attention.  She explained how the products we use daily are just not safe and how she was partnering with Beautycounter to get safer products into the hands of everyone.  

Even as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I honestly didn’t know that the products we use each day were SO harmful.  I knew to use better laundry soap and “organic” shampoo but that only barely scratches the surface.  I thought, hey what can I lose? So I signed up. I joined. Pretty much on a whim!

Then I didn’t do anything for about a year. I was launching my cookbook and had so much going on in life at that time, excuses, excuses…

Fast forward to March 2016.  I was burnt out—exhausted, dealing with horrible hormone issues and adrenal fatigue. I really needed something fresh in my life and business. Thankfully my mentor Kate had stayed in touch with me, ok more like she really stayed on me in the best way possible!! 

She saw the potential in me when I couldn’t even see my own!

My Turning Point

Ok, here is where I’m going to get vulnerable—I was majorly struggling during this time. I bought into the lie that if I said one more ‘Yes’ and tackled one more project, I would find success and contentment.  I was working around the clock, all week and all weekend, but not actually making that much money, more like no money, and feeling so discouraged in my business. I was “doing all the right things” but not actually doing the best things for me and my family. My health was struggling and my husband and I were dealing with a mountain of debt from some past situations beyond our control. I hit a breaking point.

Even as a holistic nutritionist, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.  I ate a ‘perfectly’ clean diet and worked out all the time. But I didn’t know that I was unknowingly putting chemicals on my body each day as I shampooed my hair or applied my makeup.  I put so much focus on one pillar of health—food—while unintentionally ignoring the rest.

Thankfully, being exposed to Beautycounter’s mission opened my eyes—not only did their safer products perform but the education, transparency and advocacy they provide is unlike anything in the industry.  I couldn’t stop researching and educating myself on this topic and the more I researched the more I became committed to sharing this information because it was both a little bit scary and a little bit empowering… I realized that a HUGE part of my health struggles—severe migraines and PMS issues that left me hospitalized a few times, as well as adrenal fatigue—could be helped by eliminating toxins in my life and home.

I started making little changes—swapping out my blush and foundation as I used up old products, little by little transitioning to safer items. 

Something crazy happened! My skin started to clear up, my brain fog lifted a bit and my migraines decreased. I first hand saw the difference eliminating toxins had in my life in a short amount of time.

THIS fired me up to share—to educate and empower others to take charge of their health and their future in such a practical and tangible way.

Beautycounter provided me with the foundation, means and finances to share and educate others. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. Thoughts like “Oh I am not a salesperson” or “I don’t have perfect, glowing skin” or “I’m not a fan of ‘those’ companies” held me back.

But I believed in this mission so much that I didn’t let my fears or doubts stop me from educating others!

Going for It—Jumping In!

So in March of 2016, I fully jumped into educating others on the importance of safer skincare and better beauty with Beautycounter and haven’t once regretted that decision!

Beautycounter breathed fresh life into my business and personal life.

I started educating and sharing this mission with YOU all and to my surprise you all were SO receptive!  I could tell by emails and messages I was receiving that you were craving this information! Like me, you all didn’t know what you didn’t know either!

The more I shared, the more passionate I became about this mission…and I was pleasantly surprised by how my Beautycounter business grew so naturally just by educating others.

In July of 2016, I started growing my “team”…sort of accidentally! I don’t really know how it happened, and trust me, I had NO intentions of ever growing a team.  Never say never right?!  It happened pretty organically and I every time I shared why this mission mattered, people were attracted—either as clients or as women who were passionate about sharing too and joined as consultants.  

My husband and I were on a road trip that summer, and I remember saying to him, “Babe, this could be huge.” 

I didn’t think this was something I would enjoy or even make a business, but seeing the profound impact in my own life as well as hearing from you all how your skin and health was changed too kept firing me up to share more and more!

3 Unexpected Blessings of Being a Beautycounter Consultant

After 3 years partnering with Beautycounter, the unexpected blessings are what have surprised me the most and what I love about this job! Yes, the products are top quality—unmatched in the industry when it comes to safety and performance—but you all know I am already obsessed with the products, so I don’t want to talk about that today.

Here’s my top 3…

  1. Conscious Living—Seeing the Full Picture
  2. The Financial Side That Changed Everything for My Family
  3. Mentoring, Leadership + Relationships

Conscious Living—Seeing the Full Picture

This has been SUCH a fun and rewarding part of my job as a holistic nutritionist!  You see, being healthy isn’t just about the food we eat.  For so long I only focused on the pillar of food, an important one don’t get me wrong, but I (& my clients) was missing SO much!  Once I embraced conscious living—balancing mindset, nutrition and clean living—I saw my health improve in leaps and bounds and I saw a positive impact in many of your lives too! 

I love meeting women where they are in their journey and then watching them grow.  So, you may come to me to purchase a safer sunscreen for the summer and maybe that is your only intention right now. But you stick around, and eventually you want more, you want to dig deeper. Slowly, little by little, you start cleaning up your diet, practicing positive thinking and maybe even working on your adrenal health. You start to flourish in ways you never knew were possible.

This domino effect has happened over and over again. I name countless women that came to me for lipstick and ended up totally changing their health and positively impacting their family too. This is real impact. This is what I live for.  Something so little like lipstick has changed future generations without you even realizing it at the time!

So yes, “who knew lipstick could be so revolutionary?”

The Financial Side That Changed Everything for My Family

Let’s go back to the elephant in the room, the financial side of things—I know money can be a yucky topic, but it’s one we NEED to talk more about! You all, life is expensive and running a business is also VERY expensive, you all might be shocked by just my basic monthly operating costs.  I also knew that we would eventually want to grow our family, and I wanted to make sure that my business (& our personal finances) was very financially stable before adding a child to the picture.

As I mentioned, prior to Beautycounter, I wasn’t making the right ratio of money compared to the hours I was investing in my business—I was still young and in the growth phase and have learned a lot about working smarter not harder these past few years, but I wanted a sustainable income, and one that was rewarding me for all my efforts.  Financial stress and debt at the time was also greatly impacting my personal health in a negative way.

Hear me loud and clear—I never set out to make money as a Beautycounter consultant, in fact I had no clue what the compensation plan was when I joined—to me, this business has never been about the money, but over time it was a nice reward and just the cherry on top!  Money will never be the driving force of what I do, impact is far more important to me, but money allows me to live and continue my business in a smart way!

Beautycounter has enabled my business and our family to have financial security, and just a bit more cushion and breathing room.  It has allowed us to pay off debt, to take vacations as a family with savings rather than credit card debt, it has allowed me to grow my business Flourish to the next level.  It has allowed me to hire a team of women to support my business and bring you all the best experience yet!  And most importantly, financial security has given me margin—margin to focus on my family and my health, greatly decreasing my stress levels and positively impacting my health!

I’ve had women on my team tell me their goal was to make enough money to send their little boy to baseball camp, or take one debt-free vacation a year, or to pay their monthly mortgage—and I have women on my team doing just that. That brings me to tears.  That IS empowering.

Especially now as a new mama, having the flexibility to ‘work from home’ and take a few days off when my sweet daughter is sick, or take a week vacation when my husband returns from deployment has been a game changer for our family. I am eternally thankful for this opportunity to make true social impact as well as have a consistent paycheck my family can depend on.

Just to put things into perspective of what is possible (with a lot of hard work!!)—from November 2016 to November 2017 my income increased 211% and since joining the company, my income has increased 642% in just 3 years!!

Thankful doesn’t even begin to describe what this opportunity has done for my family!

Mentoring, Leadership + Relationships

This has been hands down the biggest unexpected blessing of being a Beautycounter consultant. I never expected to find some of my dearest friends through this company. Women from all walks of life that I look up to and admire.  Women that each bring something unique to this world and are passionate about leaving this world a better place—passionate about impacting real change.

Many women on my team I have the privilege of mentoring have also become some of my best friends.  We have experienced loss together, I am talking deep tragic loss. We have walked through miscarriage together.  We have celebrated new life together.  We have moved around the world and gone through deployments together.  We have encouraged each other to be stronger, bringing out the potential we sometimes don’t see in ourselves.  I am forever thankful for the incredible women (and men!) I get to call friends and colleagues!!!

Being involved with Beautycounter has also given me confidence—confidence not just in this better beauty business, but confidence to ask the tough questions, confidence to educate myself, confidence to speak boldly about topics I am passionate about!

I have learned far more about leadership and personal growth than I ever thought was possible!

And you all, I fail OFTEN.  I am not perfect, not a perfect business woman or a perfect leader, in fact most days I feel like I am not worthy of this responsibility—mentoring a team of close to 300 people and gaining your trust (my amazing readers) to educate you towards conscious living.  It’s a big responsibility and one I don’t take lightly!

But I show up, I commit and I do the work! It’s not about chasing perfection, it’s about intention and watching my actions blossom through this beautiful journey…

Answering Your Commonly Asked Questions

Here’s a few commonly asked questions, but I am an open book! If you want to chat more and ask me your toughest questions, I am here for you!!  Contact me HERE.

Q: I am NOT a salesperson, how would I succeed at this?

A: Guess what? I am NOT a salesperson either! In fact sometimes I talk people out of a sale because I don’t think it’s the right product for them! With Beautycounter, you are educating, not selling…ok yes your selling a little, but our primary goal is to educate the consumer on the importance of better beauty! When you lead with education, you create lasting impact and a trust factor with your client or audience.  Then you can introduce them to your favorite, safer, high-performing products!

Q: I have so much going on right now, can I become a consultant next year?

A: Yes, of course you can join anytime you want—but I firmly believe there is no perfect time to do anything, there is just right now.  Don’t put off something that will positively impact your life, your family and so many others.  This mission and this opportunity is too important to put off! I promise you, in a year from now you will regret not jumping in sooner! Plus, I help mentor you to make this business work for your phase of life!

Q: Sometimes it seems like you have had overnight success? How did you rise to the top leadership level with Beautycounter?

A: It was FAR from overnight success—in fact, there have been seasons over the past 3 years, where I have wanted to quit, where I felt that no one was listening and no one cared. But I have always kept the big picture in mind, picturing the impact on people’s lives in a year or even a decade from now.  I have been very strategic with my business, my brand partnerships and my time—I say no to a lot of opportunities so I can say yes to the right ones, like Beautycounter. I am very dedicated and intentional with my work hours, so if you are willing to put in the work, even with only a few hours, and be consistent you will have success too!

Q: I don’t know anything about makeup and don’t use many products.

A: Beautycounter’s main mission is education—so if you want to empower others, you can be successful. I too didn’t know much about makeup and barely used any products, but these products are so fun to use and knowing that they are perfectly safe to give my daughter tons of kisses all day, makes me want to use them. You might be surprised by how much your views on skincare routines change with good, clean products!

Partnering with Beautycounter has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! If you want to chat more about this opportunity, I am an open book and would love to chat with you!

To learn more about the consultant opportunity, click HERE.

Send me a message! Let’s connect sweet friend!

xo Caroline

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