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Confidently You: Summer Workouts with Onzie

May 6, 2016

H-E-L-L-O Friday! Oh today has me all sorts of excited.  First because it is raining, which means I am cozy and second, did you hear, did you hear?! I just announced my first, free nutrition and lifestyle webinar—Summertime Sunshine Bliss!

Ah taking the scary, oh-so-much-technology, I-hope-I-press-the-right-buttons, plunge into the world of webinars and I am truly so excited about this topic!  Living in Hawaii means I spend a lot of time outdoors and I am so passionate about teaching people why they should LOVE the sun and not fear it, embrace the bliss as I like to say!

You will get a lot of information on why sunshine is nature’s best vitamin, how to “eat your sunscreen,” why I don’t most sunscreens are toxic and some essential oil DIY, plus some exclusive summer recipes!

So go make yourself a fun iced drink, reserve your spot and JOIN me!

Speaking of sunshine and all things colorful, can we talk about these workout pants. I am pretty much in love, but really!

It is so hot here in Hawaii, that trying to stay cool during my outdoor workouts with the pup is a constant struggle, so the cutout mesh of these pants makes them so airy and practical!  I had a hard time finding some workout pants that don’t break the bank but at the same time don’t fall apart after a few wears and these ones from Onzie are just perfect!  They have so many other fun colors and designs so be sure to check them out! Thanks for the package Onzie!

My Tips for Staying Cool While Doing an Outdoor Workout

  1. Wear a hat—you always want to protect your face as that is the most sensitive area of your skin.
  2. Choose your apparel wisely—choose legging with mesh cutouts or fabric that is airy and drys easily.  I totally used to workout in just t-shirts and it makes you way hotter (and not in the good way)!
  3. Cool down slowly—you don’t want to come in from outside to a cool air-conditioned house and chug ice water.  That can really hurt your muscles.  I usually stretch outside for about 10 minutes to cool down and then drink room temperature water.
  4. Workout outdoors at non peak sun hours—meaning go early or mid morning or later in the afternoon.  Avoid the times between noon and 3pm!

So stay cook and go workout today! Oh and sign up for my fun, free webinar to learn more!

Hawaiian Tropic Leggings | Watermelon Sports Bra | Shirt | Sunglasses

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