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Cozy up for your daily dose of healthy living, better beauty tips and delicious recipes! Here at Flourish you will be encouraged to live your best possible self and learn to balance conscious living with grace. Coffee, tea or champagne anyone?

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Hey there, I'm Caroline!
Grab a cup of coffee, tea or bubbly and cozy up for a behind-the-scenes look at how I balance healthy with a whole lot of grace...and yum!

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Facts and statistics can be scary, but they also can give you the knowledge YOU need to make better choices that affect you and your family.  Remember, knowledge is power! The more I research, the more passionate I get to share, because the beauty and skincare industry is not as glamorous as you might think!  […]

  Truthfully a year ago I would never have been comfortable posting a photo of myself, untouched and makeup-less.  So here is me—raw, early morning skin that I feel completely comfortable wearing and showing to the world!   My Safer Beauty Transformation   *As much as I talk about non-toxic living and better beauty, I […]

Wanting those glamorous, luscious lips?  Well, you might want to rethink your favorite brand of lipstick because with each swipe you are also getting a dose of harmful chemicals and toxins. This Valentine’s day I thought it would be fun to shake it up a bit and instead of giving you a delicious, sugary treat, […]

Wellness can mean different things to different people, but I love this definition: the state of being health in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort. I am not the biggest believer in following the crowd—in fact, I usually like to do the opposite!  And, if I am being really honest, often […]

This past year, I really focused on non-toxic living and noticed a HUGE difference in my health, energy, skin and hormones! I can’t wait to share more with you this next year, diving deeper into the nitty gritty of why all this matters not only to us but also our future generations. Crazy to think […]

In full transparency, I REALLY don’t like the word *detox.*  I feel like it conjures up negative feelings and creates a temporary false reality. The flip-side? BOTH our emotional and physical bodies need to detox in order to function properly.   GOOD news is, that we don’t need to go on a juice cleanse to […]

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