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I love sharing tools that make holistic, healthy living just a little bit easier—and tools that add joy to your daily rituals. Spring and Summer can be a time of taking things on the go, balancing hydration through these hot months and navigating changes in your skincare routine to meet the environment. To help you on this journey, our holistic shop guide offers a range of products designed specifically for the unique needs of the warmer seasons.

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Today we invite you to explore our holistic spring and summer shop, featuring a carefully curated selection of items in categories such as daily essentials, outdoor must-haves, summer skincare products, baby and kids essentials, and conscious clothing. Embrace conscious living and find inspiration for a mindful and sustainable season ahead.

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Explore the Spring + Summer Shop below!

Daily Wellness Essentials Collage for the Flourish Holistic Spring and Summer Shop

Daily Wellness Essentials

  • Hydration Booster: Stay hydrated and energized—you’ll feel an instant difference and your body will be quickly refreshed!
  • CBD Daily Softgels: These are slow release CBD so you experience the maximum benefits all throughout the day. Summer can be a time of change in routine and structure which often can bring about emotions of anxiety or overwhelm. CBD works to calm and balance from the inside out!
  • Plant Protein + Greens Smoothie: It’s often just too miserably hot for a meal in the summer here. Everything you need in a delicious, refreshing smoothie! Beyond just a protein powder—contains your daily dose of greens, probiotics + prebiotics and nourishing adaptogens,
  • Rippled Glass Cups: These are darling and so fun to make all your beverages.
  • glass straw
  • Mini Lunch Cooler: This is a lifesaver, especially for drinks, items for kids and snacks on the go. It’s saved us many times in this intense southern heat.
  • Matcha: When you need a boost, matcha is an energizing sip. Customize this Iced Vanilla Matcha Latte recipe to fit your desired taste. If I’m on-the-go, I’ll make mine in an insulated tumbler so it stays chilled for hours. 
  • Insulated water bottle: Forever my favorite water bottle, keeps your drinks cool all day!
  • Straw tote: Consciously crafted with natural ingredients, this bag is sturdy, holds everything and beautiful. 
  • Vitamin C Powder: Add a teaspoon to bathwater after the pool to neutralize the harmful effects of chlorine. Also great to add to smoothies for an adrenal + immune boost.

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Outdoor Must-Haves for a Sustainable Summer Season Collage for the Flourish Holistic Spring and Summer Shop

Outdoor Must-Haves for a Sustainable Season

  • Not Today Bugs Candle: Enjoy peace of mind while being outside with this all-natural alternative to harmful chemical insect repellants. It has a refreshing, earthy scent and truly works to keep the bugs, especially mosquitos, away.
  • Nature Spray: All natural ingredients and totally effective.
  • Countersun Sunscreen Stick: A must have—clean sunscreen that works, you can apply this stick with zero clean up or messy hands. It fits in any space or bag—I have them stashed everywhere! Even my little ones can apply on their own.
  • Gathre Maxi Leather Pad: This pad is great for a picnic, beach, park or art projects with kids as it easily wipes clean. Folds up compactly and stores easily.
  • Biodegradable, bamboo plates: Perfect for picnics, beach trips or camping.
  • Organic Seeds: So fun to plan something new—love the sweet peas and sunflowers for summer.
  • Eco Beach Towel: Quick dry and very lightweight so you don’t break your back carrying all your things, these are made from recycled water bottles.
  • Mylle Non Toxic Vinyl Inflatable Pool: Sturdy and beautiful these inflatable pools are made with phthalate-free, BPA-free and lead-free vinyl in factories with proven safe and responsible working conditions.
Natural Summer Skincare Collage for the Flourish Holistic Spring and Summer Shop

Natural Skincare for a Refreshing Summer

  • Manuka Essential Oil: A Specialty here on our warm wheather holistic shop guide. Manuka works amazing to heal sun burns or even sun exposure! Add a few drops to your favorite moisturizer and massage into your skin. This oil is also very cleansing and I always bring a diffuser when I’m traveling to purify the air. This is a great essential we brought here on this holistic shop guide
  • Salt Shampoo Scrub: I love this for any time of year but it can be so restorative after time in the pool or a sweaty scalp. Use once a week!
  • Clear Pore Cleanser: Gently removes grime and impurities, especially during the hot and humid days. This saves my skin in the summer.
  • Instant Matte Toner: Apply this in the morning to help combat the effects of humidity and heat—this keeps your makeup in place and pores clear.
  • Cream Highlighter + Bronzer: Sun kissed shimmer.
  • Vanilla Citrus Deodorant: Such a refreshing scent for summer.
  • Clarifying Mask: The best in home facial treatment, this cleanses deep and clarifies your skin. Apply at night while you clean up or watch a movie.
  • Countersun Sheer Face Sunscreen: Sheer defense for your face, this blends right in and doesn’t leave you greasy or white. Clean ingredients that work!
  • Cooling Aloe Mist: Refresh your skin after a day in the sun.

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Eco-Friendly Baby + Little Essentials Collage for the Flourish Holistic Spring and Summer Shop

Eco-Friendly Baby and Kids Essentials

  • Minnow Swim: I finally caved this year and invested in these swimsuits and am so happy with them! Especially for my daughter, they fit true to size and aren’t thin or revealing – a great find here on our holistic shop guide.
  • Boys board shorts + rashgaurds: My boys pretty much wear these as clothing all summer long. They stand up well after endless washes and I size up so they can wear for more than one summer. Rashguards are way easier than applying sunscreen to squirmy ones.
  • Teva Outdoor Sandals: These are amazing for all things summer. I size up and usually get 2 years use from them. Sturdy bottoms so no slipping.
  • Green Toys Beach Set: Sturdy + BPA free plastic, we’ve had this set for years. It’s indestructible.
  • My Serenity Kids: We love these protein and veggie based squeeze packs for at home or on-the-go.
  • Wet Go Green Hairbrush: Brushes through tangles with ease, and no tears. No idea why I haven’t use this before!
  • Countersun Sunscreen Stick: No worries about getting sunscreen in your little one’s eyes, this is a mess free sunscreen stick. Even my oldest can apply on her own!
  • Uppababy Minu Travel Stroller: When we lived in Europe, I traveled all over with this. It’s easy to fold and unfold with one hand and so light weight. Worth the investment.  
  • GoodPop: Organic fruit juice pops.
  • Organic Waffle Short Set: Soft, breeze and adorable—I’ve had these for 2 seasons now, they stand up well over time.
  • Artipoppe Linen Baby Carrier: This is worth every penny and the only carrier I’ve found that doesn’t hurt my back. The linen is so cool and breathable even in the hot summer. I love that baby can be tummy or forward facing, so you and your little one can use this for a long time.
Conscious Clothing collage for the Flourish Holistic Spring and Summer Shop

Conscious Clothing: Sustainable Style for Spring and Summer

  • Patio Sandal: Soft + comfortable and a great price point.
  • Exercise Tennis Dress: The tennis dress era is back and I’m here for it. This one is sustainable, soft and breezy!
  • Linen Button Up: I wear these all year round, so breezy in the summer, and they are investment pieces you’ll have for years to come. One of the best items here on our holistic shop guide.
  • Mirth Caftans: My favorite dresses—light and breeze and so feminine.
  • Breezy Linen Dress: Such a flattering fit and a great price point.
  • Agolde Parker Denim Shorts: The best feel and fit—perfect coverage for all bodies.
  • Stripped Shirt: One of my favorite pieces lately, I always get compliments.
  • Straw Bucket Hat: This darling hat perfectly shades your face and is lightweight to keep you cool and stash anywhere.
  • Volley Skirt: Cool, comfortable and perfect for working out or dressing up with a nicer shirt
  • Washable silk PJs: once you try these, you’ll never go back. Soft and cool to keep your body temp regulated, and they last beautifully with time and wash.
  • You Swim: So soft, these stretch to fit your body no matter what season you are in. Some colors are a bit more sheer but they detail all that on the website.
  • Minnow High Wasted Floral Bottoms: Perfect coverage and so flattering, especially if your postpartum tummy is squishy like mine.

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