Our Manifesto

We believe being a light to others starts first by believing you are worthy of investing in yourself.

We believe balancing grace with hustle isn’t just a catchy one-liner you’ll see on social media. It’s a commitment to focusing on what matters most, and prioritizing what matters.

We believe your struggles are just as important as your successes, and both are worthy of sharing and celebrating.

We believe in breaking down the science behind your health to equip you to make educated decisions to honor your body.

We believe you can become a more joyful, confident, and balanced version of yourself.

We believe in living, loving, and flourishing with purpose.


We believe honoring your body doesn’t have to happen in leaps and bounds, but you can start taking small steps to live a better, healthier life today.


Design a life you love to live today:

In a world that puts a premium on flourishing on the outside,
Flourish teaches & equips women on a journey of pursuing conscious living how to bring grace alongside their health decisions.

Build a foundation and create sustainable systems so you can flourish with purpose.

I was 20 years old, miserable, exhausted, hopeless. Not exactly how a 20-year-old should feel, right? My life felt over as I’d known it. I’d spent the previous six months surviving countless blood tests and flipping through outdated magazines in doctor’s office waiting rooms waiting for an answer.



That answer? A Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis. What should have offered clarity and next-steps ended up sending me home with countless medications and little guidance on how to manage this new diagnosis and lifestyle.

Shortly after going on insulin, I gained 22 pounds in only two weeks, had multiple fainting episodes, and began to struggle with my new appearance and lifestyle. Doctor reassured me that my new normal was just that—normal for my condition—but I was miserable, hopeless and , absolutely desperate. 


And I knew there had to be a better way. 

Suddenly, I had to take major control—from what I put in my body to what I put on my body—and along the way, I transitioned from survival mode to full-on flourishing, but not without some big leaps and stumbles along the way.

After countless hours of research, I radically transformed my diet, eliminating all grains, glutens, and refined sugars. I decided eating real, unprocessed food could be the key to flourishing, and I haven’t looked back. 

I’ve married my formal education as a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with my personal experience, and I started Flourish as a resource for women who are also on a journey of pursuing conscious living, particularly those who want to flourish with purpose. These days, you’ll find me teaching and equipping women to walk away from the hustle, and to live, love, and flourish with purpose, taking care of themselves so they can better serve those around them.


special occasions, and spoonfuls of whipped cream are not just allowed–they’re encouraged, wink.

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but a firm believer in you only get better if you try (much to my husband’s chagrin during road trips).

I’m a terrible singer,


and it’s because of our grain-free, lemon-curd wedding cake that Flourish exists in the first place!

My husband is my biggest cheerleader,


and remind me that we are all uniquely and beautifully made—bring on the hydrangeas. 

Flowers hold a dear place in my heart


(preferably fried in duck fat with a side of truffle aioli)), and I’ll be the happiest girl in the world.

Give me a plate of French fries


following my husband all across the world. Since getting married, we’ve called #4 places home, with a few air mattress-sleeping stints along the way!

My Navy wife title means...


In this big internet world, we love nothing more than connecting directly with YOU!  Stay in touch with your weekly dose of healthy living gumption and grace along the way!

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