Postpartum recovery tips after baby #2

Postpartum Recovery – What I’m Doing Differently With Baby #2








Postpartum Recovery Tips

The postpartum season is beautiful and messy, but I have to say even through the exhaustion it’s one of my favorite seasons of life. I told my husband the other day, “I just love having a baby to hold.” 

After my first pregnancy, I felt totally drained, depleted and exhausted…well because I was. I continued to take my prenatal and took naps almost daily but I had a very difficult time with postpartum recovery. This postpartum season with baby #2, I knew I wanted to do things differently. I’ve been very intentional with rest, postpartum nutrition and nutrient replenishment. And, WOW, I have seen the biggest difference in my health, energy, hormones, and mental health. 

Postpartum recovery + replenishment is one of the least talked about seasons—so much emphasis is put on pregnancy and the baby, but we under support women. This season may be a shorter season compared to our overall lives but postpartum recovery impacts women’s health for decades to come!!

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I hope this encourages you that you can thrive not just survive the postpartum season.

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This has been the biggest difference this postpartum season and wow, the benefits are seriously amazing! Even now with 2 littles, my energy is SO good…all with less sleep, because hey that’s just how motherhood is. I had some serious nutrient depletion postpartum after Remington (my first child) and I knew I didn’t want to mess around this time. Nutrient repletion can actually take 2-3 years postpartum, so don’t think this is an overnight fix. Despite what “modern times” may say, this is not a 6 week process. Mama, you just created a baby and if you are breastfeeding you are continuing to GROW a sweet little human. Relish in the miracle and the strength of that!

Postpartum nutrition I’ve been focusing on…

Drinking my daily Majka replenishing shake

If I can encourage you to do ONE thing throughout your postpartum recovery process it is investing in some Majka. WOW, the difference it has made is amazing. This Replenishing Powder is specifically designed for postpartum but would be amazing for all women. It is SO nutrient-dense and like an enhanced multivitamin and protein powder all in one. It tastes so good too—not chalky or synthetic like many powders do. It has adaptogens and lots of real foods as well. It gives me so much energy and I haven’t felt drained this postpartum season even with breastfeeding. FLOURISH for 10% off!

Postpartum recovery tips after baby #2

Sleep + rest the first 2 months

I can’t emphasize this enough. Truly, SLEEP and REST mama. I majorly rested (sat and stayed in bed) during this postpartum recovery season and I know it made my long-term recovery, even after a c-section, that much easier. I won’t pretend it’s easy, especially with 2 littles, but my long-term recovery has been so much easier this time and I’ve seen the difference resting has made. I napped most every afternoon for the first 2 months and even took a 3-month “maternity leave”…which as a small business owner is hard, but worth it! Just know that life will be waiting for you, you have years to “do all the things.” Lean into rest this season!

I majorly struggled with adrenal fatigue after my first baby and seeing how that impacted every aspect of my life, business and family for 2 years postpartum was rough. I knew I needed to really rest more this time around and am SO thankful to watch the long term benefits of resting for a short season pay off today.

Learning to let go

This has been the biggest learning lesson for me, and the hardest for my “perfectionist” type mentality. I’m learning I can’t do it all, nor do I really want to. I’ve said no to more responsibilities and yes to more rest and snuggles at home. Let’s just say there has been a lot more gluten free frozen pizza in our house lately and I am totally ok with that. I can’t say this mental switch has happened on my own, it’s taken work in therapy to re-frame my thinking.

Learning how to recover postpartum

Getting counseling before “a problem starts”

I started therapy when I dealt with postpartum depression at 6 months postpartum after Remington was born. It was the most helpful resource ever and something I am so thankful for. I said that if I ever got pregnant again I would start going to therapy before things got “rough”…especially as someone who has very challenging and high risk pregnancies. Thankfully this postpartum I have not (yet) dealt with postpartum depression or anxiety but I started going to therapy at the end of my pregnancy and it has been such an amazing tool in my life. There is zero shame in getting help and having someone to chat through life and struggles with in a private setting. In fact, I think people who admit they need some help are the strongest!

Monitoring my thyroid closely

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s postpartum after my first baby and it took me about 2 years for my thyroid to start to balance out, then I got pregnant with my second. Before giving birth this time, I really worked with my endocrinologist explaining my fears of postpartum thyroid issues again and thankfully my doctor has taken that seriously. We are monitoring my thyroid very closely postpartum with monthly checks.

Hashimotos or not, postpartum thyroid struggles are very common due to the intense stress of pregnancy and birth—it’s beautiful but very stressful on the body. Supporting nutrient replenishment, resting and focusing on adrenal support are the best ways to boost your thyroid.

What has helped you during your postpartum recovery? Do share!!!

Learning how to recover postpartum

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