What is Adrenal Fatigue? Stress, Symptoms & Science




You may be exhausted but do you actually understand what adrenal fatigue is and why it is affecting you? I am breaking down the stress, symptoms and science behind adrenal fatigue.

“But I’m not stressed…”

^^ Words I used to say all the time and words every single one of my clients have told me, on repeat.

Sound familiar? I guarantee you’ve said those words at least once this week!

At it’s core, stress symptoms can show up differently than what social media might be telling you!

So what happens when you fly off to the Bahamas for a tropical vacation or you take a blissful drive up to a quiet mountainside cabin?

Enter stress. Wait, explain!

Stress is any CHANGE in your environment or activity.

Stress isn’t always a negative thing and it certainly isn’t always so apparent! And if the body thinks a vacation is stressful, can you imagine your day to day hustle?

Understanding stress is KEY to understanding the symptoms and science behind adrenal fatigue!

The adrenals are our emergency or stress response system—often called *fight or flight* mode!

The main functions of the adrenals are to cope with incoming stress, handle it, and survive.

Your body is beautifully designed to handle stress, but NOT the chronic stress we are seeing in modern times!

As one of my amazing students Priscilla puts it: “Before I learned that adrenal health was a thing, I pushed myself so hard to “keep up” with everyone else.  In the end I ruined my health. But with Caroline’s adrenal course, I have turned things around and am healthier than ever!  I have learned to say no and restore my adrenals. Worth it all the way!”

What is Adrenal Fatigue? Stress, Symptoms & Science

In today’s video I am breaking down:

  • What stress symptoms actually looks like day to day
  • Adrenal fatigue symptoms you might be experiencing
  • Why exhaustion doesn’t have to be ‘normal’
  • The science behind what happens to your body in adrenal fatigue

This might just be one of my favorite videos yet and I hope it provides you with some clarity on this buzz worthy topic of adrenal fatigue!

Head on over to the comments and tell me what symptoms (if any) are you experiencing today? 👇🏻


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  1. Charly says:

    Ugh, exhaustion & fatigue for sure! And definitely having trouble waking up in the morning. And holla yes, will go through the day realizing I have only drank coffee all day and no water…………..

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