How I do a 15 minute power clean up




I am the type of person that has to have a CLEAN and tidy house before I can turn off my brain and relax for the night. 

An organized space = an organized mind

Clutter is one of the biggest forms of stress we experience daily. Clutter also increases cortisol and can stimulate the stress response. As someone who deals with adrenal fatigue, I try to intentionally keep my clutter and stress low!

Whenever I start to feel stressed or scattered, I usually realize that the source of that stress is clutter or lack of organization!

I am the type that can easily go down a rabbit hole and get very scattered and overwhelmed. Thankfully I know that about myself! I do really well with clear boundaries. 

Enter the 15 minute power clean up!

This method has saved me and always makes me feel SO accomplished! Trust me, you’ll feel accomplished too.

One thing that has really helped us keep an organized house: we are big believers in ‘everything in its own space’ and baskets come in SUPER handy for this. Remington even loves to put her toys in the correct basket (how she knows this at 2 amazes me).

My favorite organizational baskets:

How I do a 15 minute power clean up

I have two simple ‘rules’:

  • Always go room by room—this makes sure the process isn’t overwhelming!
  • Set a timer—yes, boundaries are good!

Power clean up ‘tasks’

  • Start dishwasher and make sure kitchen is tidy. I fill up my diffuser for the morning and wipe down all the counters with Branch Basics.
  • Put dirty towels in the laundry room.
  • Set table for breakfast.
  • Pre-grind coffee and fill up coffee pot with water.
  • Set out vitamins for the morning.
  • Put shoes by the door and put away any toys or books.
  • Fill up Libby’s (dog) bowl with water.
  • Tidy up my office desk. Close out any computer tabs or open projects.
  • Make reminders in my phone for tomorrow.
  • Check tomorrow’s schedule and plan of the day.
  • Make a physical and virtual note of any thing I need to accomplish tomorrow.
  • Fold blankets and fluff up couch pillows.
  • Carry up anything that is on the stairs and needs to go upstairs (I always make a ‘pile’ of upstairs items so I carry them up only once).
  • Collect all dirty laundry and put it in the laundry room for tomorrow.

All done—now it’s time to put my feet up and rest!

^^ Now this might seem like a long list to accomplish in 15 minutes, but once you do it a few times, you get the hang of it and might be surprised by just how much you can accomplish during your 15 minute power clean up!

Do you have a power clean up ritual? This little ritual has truly become a daily joy for me!

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