Quarter 2 Check-In: Cultivating Rituals, Goals and Daily Joys




Well….let’s just say when 2020 started, I had no clue 3 months later we would be in a lock-down, quarantine situation. Just goes to prove, that life happens…often how we least expect it!

No matter what happens in life, we still have to celebrate our accomplishments and carry on! This weekend I took some time to write down my big wins and how I can improve—trust me, there were some hard moments this past few months!

But I’m also so amazed at how much I accomplished—and accomplished with grace and energy! I completed an international move solo, with an almost 2 year old. Seriously, I should be proud of myself.

So I want to challenge you—have you celebrated yourself today? 

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This year, I’m choosing to focus on rituals—I know that the little moments add up, and when I am faithful in these ‘micro’ moments, the ‘macro’ dreams will happen!

Quarter 2 Check-In

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Rituals I’m Cultivating

Working Out: This has been a big focus of mine recently. I finally feel that my adrenal glands and hormones are balanced out ok to start working out a bit more! I’m challenging myself to 4 workouts a week—I love doing hill sprints on our driveway and love love love my Tone it Up workout app. It’s so encouraging and fun!


I’ve been more and more convicted lately of totally taking a day off. When I do this, I see the benefits first hand over and over again, not just for me, but my whole family! Sabbath just means “to stop or cease” and it doesn’t have to be Sunday. I also call this a “margin day”—having a whole day to just be and live, a day with no plans! 

When we let our bodies, minds and hearts truly rest, our ‘work time’ will be that much more intentional, focused and productive! It’s ok just to be—and there is no better of a time to focus on this than right now during this quarantine!

Prep Session

This 20 minute ritual (usually Sunday’s during nap time) is a game changer. I sit down and look at my calendar (both work and personal) then make my big 3 tasks for each day. Weeks I do this, I notice the biggest difference in my productivity and stress levels. A goal is just a wish without a plan—having a clear and organized plan to kick start my week has been a saving grace recently. I always feel so accomplished when I get to check things off! I make this prep session fun—light a candle, turn on some tunes and of course a square or two of chocolate.

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Goals I’m Growing

Grace Over Guilt

Now more than ever before we have to choose to give ourselves grace—we aren’t superwoman and we don’t even have to try to do all the things. It’s ok to turn on the TV for your kiddos if you need to get something done. It’s ok to have take a day off—use paper plates even, and yes that’s a big deal for this conscious girl. These are unprecedented times—don’t beat yourself up. Focusing on loving each other and letting the rest slide is what’s most important. Laundry can wait, fact!

Launch my Adrenal Course

AHHH it’s coming soon! We put our launch on hold last month due to the coronavirus situation, but it’s launching this month and I can’t wait! I know now more than ever before this is a resource that will serve and encourage. 

Hop on the wait list—we have FUN stuff planned!

Finish Moving and Organizing House

Our new house is a dream come true—I’m so thankful for a peaceful home, especially during this season. We still have boxes to unpack, but I’m giving myself grace knowing that in time it will get done. I got Remington’s room and play room and my office done and its such a cheerful, calm space! 

Homeopathic School

I started online homeopathic school this last fall and I am way behind. I need to make it more of a priority these next few months! It’s fascinating and has saved us in many ‘first aid’ situations! I’m so thankful to be able to learn!

Daily Joys

  • My 5:30 am morning routine—devotions, coffee and tackling one work to-do
  • Morning reading time with Remington: this 10 minute pause before we start her day has changed everything
  • Morning walk to the lake
  • 2:00 pm chocolate break
  • Feet up—mama time starts at 8:00pm sharp

Your turn!

Know that every morning you are given a blank slate, a fresh start—it’s up to you to fill in the blanks!

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