Quarter 1 Check-in: Cultivating Rituals, Goals and Daily Joys





^^ My word for the year and one I am so ready to fully embrace!

We have so many changes this year, just moved stateside this week…hello jet lag with a cute little tot! Really, thank goodness she’s so cute! After a pretty challenging 2 1/2 years of pregnancy and postpartum, I am ready for abundance. 

Embracing abundance has focused me to stay diligent in the little steps that bring health, joy and healing. Whether you are reading this in January or July, know that you have a fresh start and the ability to embrace abundance every morning.


Since I can’t sit down with each of you for a coffee date, I thought I would get a bit vulnerable and share my rituals and goals for each quarter this year. Don’t ever compare mine to yours, but do know that accountability is key! I’m cheering YOU on!

  • Word of the year: Abundance
  • Encouraging word this quarter: strength 
  • Top priority: make our move with spirit of strength, calm, rest and patience

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This year, I’m choosing to cultivate rituals rather than focus primarily on goals. While I do love goals, I know that a goal without a plan is just a wish.

Rituals are the glue that hold everything else together and spark daily joy! To me rituals don’t put me in a box, but rather they allow me to be my best possible self in my mind, health and spirit!

Here’s the 3 rituals I’m focusing on this quarter…

Morning Quiet Time

I started waking up at 5:30am last year and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It for sure took a lot of adrenal support and healing in my health journey to get there, and there are seasons, like the last few moths where I have let myself sleep in without any guilt…but I feel like a different person when I start my day from a spirit of quiet and peace! It’s made me more focused, more patient and more joyful throughout the day. Taking the time to fill up my cup a bit before the day’s demands, and our sweet daughter wakes up, gives back to me all day long!

Weekly Workouts

Finally feeling like my body is ready to up my exercise routine! Goals: 2 HIIT or higher intensity workouts per week, 2 pilates style workouts, walking every day. I love the Tone it Up workout app.

Housekeeping Day

I am SO excited about this new ritual I am working towards this year. One of my big goals for this year was to move to a 4 day work week and have Fridays off with Remington. I know that to make this happen I do need to set aside 1 ‘housekeeping’ work day to tackle extra projects relating to both my business and my life. So often these are the tasks that get set aside, so I am committed to making it happen each month!

Some tasks for my ‘housekeeping day’

  • Accounting
  • Email catch up
  • Review goal setting in my Cultivate What Matters planner
  • Review hopes, dreams, notes, ‘brain dump’ page
  • Prayer journal
  • Life projects: anything I need to order, plan trips/travel
  • Organization: choose 1 space to organize each month: pantry, email inbox, photos on phone, office, playroom


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Start to decorate our house, yay!

We bought our first house!! I’ll be sharing more details on Instagram soon, but we are beyond excited. This house is a blessing and a gift that is more than we could have ever dreamed up.

I’ve never been able to decorate a house before, and honestly that patience and restraint has taught me so much. It’s taught me to be content with where I am at in life—if you are in a similar season, find joy in that season—your house doesn’t have to be Instagram drool worthy. Like I always say, ‘home is wherever we are together.” We’ve made home hotel rooms for months on end, and that was some of my favorite memories yet as a married couple!

But, SO excited to decorate. We are being very intentional, and slow with this process. We started with a fresh coat of white paint, using ECOS paints for a non VOC paint. I am very sensitive to toxins and it has been clear that some of my health issues have resulted from paint and fumes, so this was a top priority for us! 

I’ve been taking my time to research the best natural, low VOC and non toxic options for decorating a house so stay tuned! If you have any favorite brands, leave me a comment below!

Survive our international move with strength, perseverance and energy

Got to be honest, this is my top goal in this season!! Moving is hard enough, let alone an international move (7 hour time change) solo with a spunky 20 month old and dog! 

Leading up to this move, I have been so thankful for rest, sleep and energy…something that was majorly lacking a year ago or even 4 months ago. I know God has given me this gift so that I can have the strength to move!

What’s really helped me with sleep and energy is focusing on adrenal health as well as my favorite CBD oil (lifesaver times a million). —> If you want more info on CBD oil and why/how I’m using it, get my free guide HERE!

Meeting my sweet team at Beautycounter’s LEAD conference

I am SO excited for this one! For the past 4 years, I have been leading *the best* team with Beautycounter, but most of these amazing individuals I have never actually met due to living out of the country. I can’t wait to hug these women (and one amazing man who’s crushing this business) and celebrate their accomplishments!!

LEAD is Beautycounter’s premier leadership training event each year and you have to qualify to go…I am so excited to have 25+ of our top leaders going this year! For the past few years they have been teasing me with their photos and I can’t wait to be able to join this year 🙂

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Know that there is nothing special about January 1…in fact, you get a January 1 each and every morning!

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