Why I’m creating rituals rather than focusing on goals




I have a bunch of mixed thoughts when it comes to goal setting—part of me loves it and part of me gets squirmy and uncomfortable.

I am a BIG dreamer and being an enneagram type 1, I am principled, self-controlled and put a lot of pressure on myself. I’m not super motivated by outside challenges, but I am VERY self motivated! And part of that means, I get down on myself when I don’t accomplish everything I want and need to do.

Becoming a mama has changed everything for me—in the best possible way! It’s given me way less personal time, but somehow these days I accomplish WAY more than I did when I had all the time in the world before Remington. You know, the days when you could  actually just lounge and Netflix on the weekend?! <— ha ha

As this new year approaches and we also make the big move back across the pond to live in the USA (we are so excited), I have been dreaming up all this new year has to hold.

This past year I have seen more business growth and more calm in my life than ever before, all while working less hours and saying no far more often.

It comes down to a simple principle.

Cultivating routines.

^^ A goal is just a goal without a plan.

We can make a bunch of goals, but if we have no plan and no system to accomplish that goal, it’s going to remain just words on a piece of paper.


Because rituals are key to making goals *actually* happen!

I heard this quote from Rich Wilkerson on a podcast, “You don’t rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems.”

Woah. Soak that in for a moment.

“Systems, routines, rituals, rhythm, flow”…all the same jazz.

I’ve seen this time and time again in my life, especially over this past year. The times when I am the most disciplined with my routines, is when I love and serve others the best, and feel the most calm, productive and joyful!


Scientifically, our body craves routines. Just like the routine of the rising and setting sun, your body is made to live in an organized and intentional way. Now this doesn’t mean you need to turn into a robot! 

When I have a good rhythm and flow in my life, I have seen my physical health be at it’s best! Rituals help you stay grounded and cut down on the noise and stress that is inevitably all around us, all the time.

In navigating life with both Type 1 diabetes and Hashimotos, whenever something feels off…I try to evaluate what’s going on. Most often, like 99% of the time, my routines have been off and life has felt a bit chaotic and out of order. Autoimmune diseases are greatly fueled by stress so I try my best to cultivate a sense of peace and organization to my days.

So while yes, I do have goals for 2020, cultivating positive routines is going to be at the the forefront of my mind. I know in my heart that if I focus on routines, everything else will happen as it should. This way I can accomplish the tasks before me with gumption, grace and abundance!


Here are 4 ways you can start cultivating routines…

No 1 | Brainstorm what routines you want to cultivate

“But where do I even begin, Caroline?” Know that the best routines for you, are just that—the ones you choose to pursue and implement daily. It could be something as simple as saying grace before each meal or having a weekly batch work schedule.

Here’s a few ideas to get you going:

  • Morning routine
  • Post dinner 15-minute power clean up
  • 1 load of laundry per day
  • Batch work schedule
  • Creating a daily checklist of essentials you want to do each day
  • Having a special spot for your supplements so you remember to take them
  • Sunday planning day (spend 20 minutes making your weekly plan)
  • Big 3 tasks of the day
  • Nightime facial cleansing routine
  • Bi-weekly pilates class
  • School lunches planning routine
  • Calling mom at a certain time each day
  • Morning affirmations

Now go brainstorm! This is the fun part!!

I’ve learned that cultivating routines and goal setting is going to take far longer than just one evening. This is a life discipline, but you have to start somewhere!

No 2 | Write it down and have a system

As much as I love Google docs and my iPhone reminder system, spending the time to put pen to paper will make waves in actually helping you accomplish your routines and goals!

I personally LOVE my Cultivate What Matters planner. I started using this last year and it changed everything for me! The prompts are actually ones that will move you forward in life and get you thinking. This planner goes deep, but in a very practical and encouraging way!

I also love the Daily Page Planner—this planner works hand in hand with cultivating daily routines.

Whatever system works best for you is great. Just be sure to write it down and make your routines happen!

No 3 | Start by cultivating a morning routine

Let’s start small and little by little begin to cultivate routines!

Each morning you get a fresh start to life, so one of the best places to start is with your morning routine. Yes, most days you’ll find me waking up at 5:30 am before Remington gets up to have my own quiet time. Even after just a day of doing this, I feel a sense of calm and am far more joyful and productive. Why? Because I intentionally choose to fill up my cup first and start my day with abundance.

Your morning routine could be just 15 minutes or it could be an hour. My best advice is to believe in the benefits (trust me, you’ll instantly feel them) and commit to making this happen. Put your alarm clock out of arms reach, believe that you will be your best self when you first fill up your cup, make a cozy drink, have devotions, organize your tasks for the day, journal, meditate or get your heart pumping with a quick work out. 

No 4 | Bring order to the chaos

Have you ever met someone who was ‘under whelmed’ …If so I would for sure like to meet this person! Fact is, modern life is beautiful and grand but also at times very stressful and chaotic. Routines make you press pause, take a deep breath and intentionally move forward. 

Here’s my encouragement to you. Start with just one routine, like a morning routine, and commit to it for 1 week. After that, ask yourself how you feel? How much have you accomplished? Do you feel calmer and more joyful? What about your health?

I can promise you that cultivating routines not only moves you and your to-do list forward but also brings a sense of purpose and productivity to your days!

Tell me below, what is ONE routine you want to cultivate this new year and beyond?! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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  1. Katarina says:

    A morning routine! To spend time with Jesus and work on my skin care 🙂

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