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The All Natural Facial Masks I Can’t Stop Talking About

Jan 3, 2020


I honestly don’t think I have ever been *THIS* excited about a skincare product launch!

Introducing Primally Pure’s Skin Specific Facial Masks!

You all, these are about to change the skincare industry forever! SO SO SO good. I can’t stop using them!

I’ve been hinting on Instagram about a new mystery skincare product and now I can finally share—I’ve been using these masks for a few months now and my skin has never looked or felt better!


Primally Pure totally outdid themselves with these masks—masks are not easy to make with clean ingredients due to the texture and fact that they can dry out. Primally Pure got creative by using raw honey (very nourishing and antibacterial for your skin) to create a luscious texture—these masks are different in the fact that they don’t dry out and make your face shrink and feel funny. Many masks too can be too harsh or too drying for the skin and interrupt that sensitive skin moisture barrier. Primally Pure’s masks are gentle and hydrating and so creamy (yes true!).


Each mask provides targeted support to give your skin exactly what it needs leaving you with clear, soft, youthful and glowing skin.

My favorite by far is the Clarifying Mask and it’s safe to say it’s saved me many times with blemishes and hormonal breakouts!


Choose your own mask…

Clarifying Mask

I’ve been living in this and my skin has loved it! If you struggle with blemish prone or dull skin, this is for you. It has been especially helpful during those hormonal swings every month that tend to make my skin a bit wonky. I saw results in an hour with some pesky breakouts the other day, seriously. And clear pores, yay!

Key Ingredients: Turmeric, kaolin clay and colloidal silver help draw out impurities from the skin, leaving your skin refreshed, clear and bright.


Plumping Mask

This mask is my second favorite and always gives my mood and skin a pick me up! It smells like a dream and I love the deep pink color. You will feel energized and youthful after this mask, which hey we all need from time to time!

Key Ingredients: Rosehip, kaolin clay, rose kaolin clay and hibiscus powder help support circulation, collagen production and aging or dehydrated skin. These ingredients visibly firm your skin and promote cell renewal!


Soothing Mask

If you struggle with irritated, red or sensitive skin, this is going to change the game for you! It hydrates and sooth your skin and you will notice calmer results pretty quick. Most masks, even more ‘natural’ ones, can be really tough and drying on sensitive skin, but this is so calming and hydrating!

Key Ingredients: Evening primrose oil, green clay, spirulina and colloidal oatmeal help sooth, calm and nourish delicate skin. It also helps support stressed or damaged skin and speeds up the healing process.


^^ And don’t think you can only use one mask at a time. I like to apply 2-3 of these at the same time depending on my skin’s needs. For example, my T-zone generally gets a bit more clogged and I use the Clarifying Mask and the put the Plumping Mask under my eyes and forehead where I need a bit of a lift. 

So the question is, face paint or skincare mask? Which one has your eye?!

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How I incorporate Primally Pure’s facial masks into my routine:

During the day: Honestly I find this to be the easiest since I work from home most days. I will rinse my face with warm water in the morning and apply the mask. I let it sit on for an hour or so while I work.

For spot treatment: This has saved me SO many times. I’ve seen it decrease blemishes in an hour. I will use it as a spot treatment during the day or night—usually in my chin, nose and forehead region where I get breakouts.

For most effective nighttime cleansing: It’s no secret I adore Beautycounter’s Cleansing Balm. First, I remove my makeup, then apply a layer of cleansing balm —> get my full tutorial. Next I put on the mask and let is soak in for 30+ minutes. Then I finish with Clarifying Serum and Countertime Eye Cream (obsessed with this eye cream!).

These masks have been in the works for a few years now and I am so excited for my sweet friends at Primally Pure on their launch!  Enjoy friends.

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