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Jun 30

I was talking to a friend the other day who is ready to jump fully into entrepreneurship. We were talking about building businesses based on story, passion and heart and how you turn that into a successful, profitable and impactful business.  It’s something many people have trouble navigating, especially for those of us who have […]


Jun 22

Creating systems and staying organized has been my lifeline since becoming a mom! I think sometimes we think of ‘systems’ as robotic or stiff, but for me, these are little graceful additions to my everyday routine that keep me sane, focused and calm as both a mom and entrepreneur! There is nothing that makes me […]


Jun 15

Now that Remington is “talking,” hearing the world through her sweet little voice is life changing. It’s been beautiful to see what she values and how in just 2 years she has picked up SO many cues. She says “I love you” all day long, which just warms my heart. She’ll say things like “mama […]


Apr 1

Well….let’s just say when 2020 started, I had no clue 3 months later we would be in a lock-down, quarantine situation. Just goes to prove, that life happens…often how we least expect it! No matter what happens in life, we still have to celebrate our accomplishments and carry on! This weekend I took some time […]


Jan 27

Abundance.  ^^ My word for the year and one I am so ready to fully embrace! We have so many changes this year, just moved stateside this week…hello jet lag with a cute little tot! Really, thank goodness she’s so cute! After a pretty challenging 2 1/2 years of pregnancy and postpartum, I am ready […]


Jan 20

Since becoming a mama to our sweet Remington, my time has become more and more limited. Somehow I keep finding myself more and more productive and have accomplished more with way less time. Enter Parkinson’s law: work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion. So if you give yourself an hour […]

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