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Well….let’s just say when 2020 started, I had no clue 3 months later we would be in a lock-down, quarantine situation. Just goes to prove, that life happens…often how we least expect it! No matter what happens in life, we still have to celebrate our accomplishments and carry on! This weekend I took some time […]

Abundance.  ^^ My word for the year and one I am so ready to fully embrace! We have so many changes this year, just moved stateside this week…hello jet lag with a cute little tot! Really, thank goodness she’s so cute! After a pretty challenging 2 1/2 years of pregnancy and postpartum, I am ready […]

Since becoming a mama to our sweet Remington, my time has become more and more limited. Somehow I keep finding myself more and more productive and have accomplished more with way less time. Enter Parkinson’s law: work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion. So if you give yourself an hour […]

I have a bunch of mixed thoughts when it comes to goal setting—part of me loves it and part of me gets squirmy and uncomfortable. I am a BIG dreamer and being an enneagram type 1, I am principled, self-controlled and put a lot of pressure on myself. I’m not super motivated by outside challenges, […]

I am all about working from a place of productivity and joy not overwhelm, so I am going to take you behind the scenes giving you a peak at my weekly workflows that have freed up my time to do more of what I love, have margin, take naps and even spontaneous days off with […]

I stumbled upon Lori’s profile and found myself instantly drawn to her approach—creating systems and organizing our businesses so that they don’t run our lives—so that we have time for margin and rest all while being super productive! As someone who has been in that overwhelmed place of not knowing where to start, working all […]

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