A graphic showing how CBD helps to combat anxiety, poor sleep, and brain fog.

Is CBD Worth the Hype?








This post is not designed to give individual or medical advice.

I’m honestly not one for hype or fads—I love what I love and I stick with my rotation of what works.   

CBD is one of those products that is truly holistic and the benefits are noticeable!!

^ well the *right* CBD and brand…more on that later!

I committed to trying Green Compass CBD daily and using it with my children for 30 days and the benefits blew me away!!

A graphic showing how CBD helps to combat anxiety, poor sleep, and brain fog.

My experience with CBD

I originally came to Green Compass CBD because I wanted a clean CBD solution for our children. Well, I started sneaking what I bought for them and noticed a pure sense of calm. A short fuse was now a long fuse, more patience and ability to rationally pause and think through things rather than overreact or spiral downward.

Once I started taking it consistently, it was a total game changer for me and our children. Some people see the effects instantly, for me it took a few weeks but then it was like Jasmine and Aladdin’s “A Whole New World.”

I can look back at intense moments of stress, overwhelm, anxiety or sickness and think wow I handled that so well. I can enjoy motherhood and the little moments more. I can pause and actually take a deep breath to calm down. I can regulate more. I can focus better. And my energy is amazing!

I started consistently taking one CBD Nano Jelly postpartum after our 3rd child. I was dealing with extreme postpartum depression anxiety and more. I was truly at the end of my rope and my body was so depleted and crying out for help (no I didn’t do anything wrong to experience this and neither do you). I noticed that our children were feeding off my reactions and stress and their behavior showed. This was when I knew I had to do something. Within days, I sensed a shift—calm, joy, presence, being able to process rather than spiral down—and our entire family began to heal and regulate.

Big picture benefits of CBD:

CBD shifts your body into a state of balance and capacity to handle the stressors, curveballs, overstimulation, pain and hormonal shifts that all of us women experience. 

  • Able to process anxious thoughts and fears—CBD doesn’t eliminate what life hands you, but it helps you process, rationalize and think through the situation rather than allowing anxiety to consume you.
  • Needing less of other supplements. CBD calms the nervous system and body’s stress response—when the body is in fight or flight mode, it burns through minerals and nutrients more quickly. CBD takes the body out of fight or flight, so you need less of other minerals and nutrients.
  • Diffusing overstimulation—The stimulation will still be there but the sensory overload and noise won’t bother you as much. You’ll notice that all the crazy is still going on but you are just continuing on without getting frazzled.
  • Calm, joy + patience with my children—I fully believe that motherhood is under attack, the world doesn’t want us to enjoy it. I mean can you go anywhere without hearing someone complain about their children? And I get it—motherhood is intense, but this has helped me have so much joy and calm, even when the questions, snacks and diapers are endless.  The epic toddler meltdowns don’t really bother me anymore. 
  • More energy + deeper sleep—CBD balances the central nervous system which is responsible for energy and sleep. Even if I’m running a little low on energy or didn’t get a full night’s sleep I still feel like I can function and have energy to carry through the day.
  • Less pain + migraines: I get terrible and frequent migraines, and nothing really takes them away, not even intense pharmaceutical medicine, but this has worked! I’m still amazed because my migraines are roughhhhhh! Now, I still get them but I use the Reduce Topical Pain Cream and take a combo of CBDA Isolates and Hemp Flower Extract and they either go away fully or diminish greatly so I can function.  

Micro benefits of CBD: 

  • Handling common sickness, coughs and congestion better—shorter duration and less intense. (study)
  • Hair growth (with the Lemon Lime Collagen).
  • Hormone balance—it’s regulated my cycle postpartum and I have seen it help a lot of women through menopause.
  • No more hot flashes—I was struggling intensely with these every night and they woke me up each night. I haven’t struggled with them since starting a CBD routine. 
  • No nausea around eating protein—eating protein has been a struggle, once I started this I can eat it and even crave it. Protein is key for mental health so actually being able to eat it has helped so much.

Children’s benefits of CBD: 

I’ve shared how it’s helped my children and quite a few testimonials from moms with littles with special needs in my Instagram highlight

  • deeper sleep, easier time winding down and falling asleep, less nightmares (my daughter hasn’t had once since starting this consistently)
  • regulated appetite: eating the food on the plate, eating more, or trying something new rather than refusing
  • more processing and less reactivity, calms meltdowns
  • focus and concentration: amazing for school, overstimulation or those with learning struggles
A graphic depicting the symptoms your body experiences when it faces stress.

Why and how CBD works —parking lot analogy

Picture a grocery store parking lot first thing in the morning. It’s pretty empty, right?

There is a parking lot with lots of empty spaces. The empty spaces are your symptoms or “struggles.”

Due to modern times, stress and environmental factors, most of us have empty spaces. When you become depleted, the “empty spaces” lead to symptoms or struggles like anxiety, overwhelm, difficulty sleeping, pain, stress, inflammation, hormonal imbalances and other health issues.

CBD is the car, driving in to fill those empty spaces.

CBD comes in to fill the “spaces” and shift the body, brain and central nervous system into a state of balance, energy and capacity. You’ll handle life’s stressors with a bit more grace and ease. You’ll be more rational rather than reactive. You’ll recover faster. You’ll feel more energized and calm.

A full parking lot, or mostly full parking lot, because nothing is perfect, is a balanced state of living!

A graphic showing the benefits of CBD and how it fills the gaps your body needs to function properly.

Is CBD a magic cure?

NO—nothing is! Anyone that’s “selling” you something that will fix all your problems is just full of it. Is CBD a magic potion? No, but it does come close!

That is because CBD restores and balances the Endocannabinoid System or (ECS). 

What is the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)?

All of us humans, in fact any species with a spine, has an ECS. The ECS has receptors throughout the entire body that help the body maintain balance or homeostasis. Remember that word from biology class? 🤓

There is not a single function in the body that is not impacted by the ECS. 

The highest concentration of receptors center around the brain, nervous system, digestive organs, immune organs and reproductive organs. Which is why CBD is so effective for mood, anxiety, emotions, sleep, hormones and helping you respond to sickness.

When the ECS is in balance, the body can navigate life, stressors, sickness, emotions, big changes, overstimulation and hormonal shifts (monthly cycle and menopause) with more ease. 

^ This is a truly holistic approach—you aren’t just “supplementing” with one nutrient to do a specific task, you are addressing underlying, big picture imbalances and then bringing the entire body back into balance. 

When the body shifts to a place of capacity and balance, it can handle doing the deeper healing work—other vitamins, therapies or lifestyle tools will become more effective when your ECS is balanced. I’ve noticed that my vitamins, exercise, relaxation techniques are all much more effective with CBD. 

My Daily CBD Routine

Green Compass CBD is so pure and concentrated, less is more. If you have tried other CBD brands you’ll need a whole lot less of this!

  • ½-1 Full Spectrum Nano Jelly: I take this each morning for a baseline of balance. They absorb 100% (most brands only absorb 3-10%) and last 24 hours. Here’s a 1 minute video on the nano tech.
  • OR 1 Broad Spectrum Nano Jelly: Broad spectrum contains no THC so it’s what I recommend for pregnancy/breastfeeding.
  • ½ scoop Lemon Lime Collagen: this is so refreshing in the afternoon, contains trace minerals for electrolyte balance and helps give you a calm energy heading into the afternoon + dinner rush
  • ½ Sleep Better Jelly + .25ml Sleep Boost: about 30 minutes before sleeping


  • ¼ – ½  Broad Spectrum Nano Jelly (depends on weight and symptoms)

As needed

  • Recover Topical Pain Cream: a little goes a long way, this will last you about a year
  • Hemp Flower Extract (750 mg Orange + Vanilla): I microdose this (about .25mL) as needed for pain, migraines, cramps or more intense moments of overwhelm and anxiety.

Best way to shop + save with Green Compass CBD

Start with the Balance and Restore Collection, it’s a buy one get one free bundle that you can customize to fit your needs. I recommend starting with either the Full or Broad Spectrum Jellies and Collagen. 

Click here for $10 off your first order, does not apply to pre-discounted collections.


Is CBD or hemp the same as marjuana?

No, hemp and marjuana are different plants—they are both from the same species of plant, Cannabis sativa, but they have very different chemistry and effects. CBD is legal, non addictive and does not get you high. Hemp has many uses including clothing and bedding.

Why Green Compass?

Green Compass is USDA Organic, grown and made in North Carolina and the company controls every step of the process—from seed to your shelf. They use hemp flower extract only which is the most pure part of the plant, making their product more pure and effective, you can taste and feel the difference. They are third party tested and every product has certificates of analysis.

Hemp is a scavenger plant which means it absorbs everything in the ground and air around it— hemp absorbs environmental toxins, mold, pesticides and then transfers those into you. Most of the CBD on the market comes from hemp harvested in China. Since there is little to no regulation, companies can take hemp from China, make CBD out of it and then put a “Made in the USA” label on it.

Green Compass also owns the growing fields in a 5 mile radius around their hemp fields to insure that no cross pollination or environmental pollutants get into their fields.

Have you tried CBD? Send any questions my way, I’d be honored to walk this journey together with you.

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