Caroline holding her newborn and Majka postpartum nutrition replenisher.

Majka for Postpartum Nutrition



Caroline holding her newborn and Majka postpartum nutrition replenisher.

After having our first child, I felt drained and depleted in every way. It wasn’t an “I’m hungry or tired” type of feeling, it was total depletion, like I had nothing more to give. I was shocked by the lack of support postpartum—the emphasis is put on pregnancy and then your sweet baby—but it often seems like mama’s needs are quickly over-passed. 

Postpartum nutrition and depletion is not talked about all that much. The real challenges, changes in emotions, changes in your body and even your identity, not to mention nutritional changes! It’s a lot!

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A display of Majka postpartum nutrition products.

Majka came onto the market after my postpartum season with Remington and I remember being so jealous of all the mamas getting to enjoy the benefits. I actually ordered a stash of their postpartum products about a week before our second child was born and I am SO thankful I did.

Majka is one of the only companies I have found talking about postpartum nourishment and WOW, each of their products are nutrient dense, highly effective and worth every penny. The results (for me) have been noticeable and instant!

Choosing Majka has been the BEST postpartum decision I’ve made!

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Majka postpartum nutrition products for mothers.

Why focus on postpartum nutrition/replenishment?

Postpartum depletion is REAL! In fact, it takes 2-3 years to restore nutrient balance after having a baby. Think about it…you created a human! That’s incredible—but that beauty can come at a cost to your health mama, not a negative thing but something we need to take seriously!

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During pregnancy, we were prepared and know what to expect (at least a little bit), but what about the postpartum season? We are completely unprepared for the physical and emotional challenges that came with early motherhood. Those early days are a ‘beautiful mess’ as I like to say—I absolutely love the newborn phase, but it takes intentional work to rebuild your body. This is a beautiful opportunity mama!

The Majka Difference

I love that they are an educational based company—their blog, Instagram and online classes provide opportunities to learn how to care for yourself postpartum without ever buying a product.

And if you want to try their nutrient dense products specifically for motherhood, they work!!!

So many powders and nutritionally based products just taste like cardboard or fake to me. Majka tastes real and homemade—full of real foods…because it is!

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Majka postpartum nutrition replenishing powder.

Benefits I’ve seen with Majka postpartum nutrition products

Replenishing Powder

This is my favorite and I use the Replenishing Powder almost daily! It’s been the BEST postpartum decision/investment I’ve made. I notice a huge difference in my energy levels the days I make my drink—like a significant energy difference. I’ve also noticed I have more focus (brain fog is real when you are exhausted) and I don’t feel drained or depleted!

I had a big issue of nutrient depletion after my first pregnancy—my blood work was off the charts low on so many nutrients, so this powder has provided so many benefits that will positively impact me for decades to come.

Why is it so expensive?

Replenishing Powder is more than just a protein powder. While it contains a day’s amount of protein, aka Collagen Peptides for recovery (repairing tissue, muscles, and your pelvic floor), it ALSO contains:  a complete postnatal vitamin, an organic fruits & greens blend for your daily fruits and vegetable servings, probiotics and digestive enzymes, adaptogens that can help increase energy and decrease stress, AND Majka’s beauty-glow blend with featuring Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Rhodiola, and Ashwagandha + so much more. 

ONE SCOOP = EVERYTHING ABOVE! It’s more than a protein powder- it’s made to help moms actually recover, and feel good on the inside out. It makes staying nourished throughout your day so much easier, by combining everything into one delicious powder.

The other facet is ingredient quality. Everything in the Replenishing Powder is from the best possible source, and all of our products are above 90% organic. We never use artificial flavors or sweeteners, and only bioavailable and bioactive nutrients, so they are easily absorbed into mom’s body.

^^ and trust me it works AND tastes delicious!

Caroline holding a smoothie she makes with Majka's postpartum replenishing powder.

My Majka replenishing recipe…

  • 1 scoop Replenishing Powder
  • about 2 cups combo of water + nut milk
  • big spoonful of almond or peanut butter
  • 1 tsp spirulina
  • 1/4 tsp matcha (on days I need an energy boost)
  • few chunks frozen mango
  • 3 handfuls ice

Lactation Line

I’ll be honest and say I have an oversupply of milk (both a blessing and a curse), so I haven’t used this as much. Our whole family got a stomach bug when Hudson was about 6 weeks old and my supply seriously dipped. After eating a few Lactation Bites it was right back to a generous supply. They taste SO good too. I would eat them even if I wasn’t breastfeeding.

Anytime I notice my supply dip a bit or baby is extra hungry I will have a Lactation Bite and notice a quick difference, within 1-2 hours. I’ve had a few mamas tell me they have a difficult time pumping enough milk and say that these have made a huge difference for them too.

Word of advice: don’t eat these in the later evening or you will wake up drenched and heavy! If you know, you know 😉 

Caroline enjoying Majka's postpartum nutrition products.

Hydration Booster

Staying hydrated as a mama can be tough (ok staying hydrated in general)!

Did you know that you can actually dehydrate yourself by consuming too much water without proper mineral + electrolyte balance? YES, the water can just flush through you unless it has electrolytes to balance out the fluids. Dehydration can lead to exhaustion, headaches + migraines, sleep issues and brain fog. If you are breastfeeding, staying hydrated is a must for energy + milk supply!

Many electrolyte mixes on the market are either full of sugar or have a fake taste. Majka’s is VERY light in flavor, sort of like a water enhancer and it truly works. It contains 72+ trace minerals, electrolytes from coconut water, vitamin C and L-Carnitine for energy support—it’s truly more than just an electrolyte mix. It has helped me so much with energy, clarity + focus, and minimizing migraines!

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Hair Recovery Line

Postpartum hair loss happens for two main reasons—adrenal fatigue (hello exhaustion and lack of sleep) and a drop in hormone levels after pregnancy. Majka’s Hair Recovery contains 26 active ingredients PLUS adaptogens to create a formula that delivers you results… and it does!

I dealt with serious postpartum hair loss after my first baby and I started taking this after a few months postpartum with my second baby as a preventative measure and have seen great results so far!

Check out Majka’s amazing products for women + the postpartum season! If you have questions, let’s chat. I’d love to help support you in this season of life!

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Disclaimer: Caroline Potter, FNTP, and Flourish do not provide medical advice. Please always consult with your doctor before starting a new nutritional supplement. 

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