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I grew up using homeopathic remedies (thank you, mom!), but it wasn’t until I became a mom myself that I really saw the power and effectiveness of homeopathic remedies. I pull out my remedies and books daily and am always SO thankful for these holistic, natural tools.

A few years ago, I really wanted to understand how homeopathy worked so that I could help my family (and myself) even more. I invested in an introductory program in London and learned SO much. While there are thousands of homeopathic remedies, once you understand the basic principles, you can start using these remedies with a bit more ease to match your unique symptoms. 

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Homeopathy as a holistic approach

I fully embrace a holistic approach to wellness—addressing the physical, mental, and emotional factors involved. And homeopathy does just that. 

While many forms of medicine and healing look at the symptoms and address them in isolation, homeopathy treats the person as a whole. Each homeopathic remedy has corresponding physical and mental components. This is a truly holistic and personalized approach.

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What is Homeopathy?

Based on the principle that “like cures like,” homeopathic remedies address what is out of balance in the body and work to restore balance. Sickness and symptoms arise when the body is out of balance. 

Homeopathic remedies are made from plants, flowers, herbs, and even poisonous substances like bee venom (great for bee stings) and poison ivy. As remedies are made, the original substance is diluted so much that only the energy of the original substance remains, making homeopathy a very safe alternative. 

Homeopathy does not suppress symptoms, as much of modern medicine does, but rather it helps boost the body’s defenses and decreases susceptibility so that you can navigate symptoms with a bit more ease.

When we suppress, we remove the body’s ability to learn and fully recover—this is often why we get repeat symptoms or illnesses. Homeopathy helps the body navigate sickness while learning how to heal so that the next time the body comes into contact with sickness, it already has a roadmap and the strength to conquer the sickness.

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Homeopathic Basics

With homeopathy, there is no one remedy for fever, migraine, or anxiety—it is all about how the patient presents with their unique symptoms. Homeopathy is personalized to each person’s symptoms, which is why it’s so effective.

^ This is also why it can be confusing and requires you to play detective and OBSERVE. For example, with a fever, are you thirsty or not? With a migraine, are you better inside or outside, lying down or moving? Each little symptom matters.

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So how can an on-the-go, busy woman get started using homeopathy?

  1. Sign up for this class that will walk you through how to personalize and use homeopathic remedies for your unique symptoms.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the top homeopathic remedies listed below.
  3. Practice journaling out symptoms when they arise with you or your children.

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice; please always consult your medical professional before trying any remedies. This information is designed to be educational and for acute situations only, not chronic symptoms. 

Top Homeopathic Remedies and How to Use Them

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The most used and widely known homeopathic remedy, Arnica supports the body through any trauma, physical or emotional. We keep a bottle in the car, my purse, and the kitchen, as it is excellent for emergencies. Take it immediately after any fall, trauma, bruising, muscle aches, sprains, broken bones, or even emotional shock. Arnica helps decrease the trauma of the injury or event, helps reduce pain and swelling, and calms the negative effects of the trauma. I also love Arnica cream for sore backs, especially during pregnancy and postpartum! …and if you are a boy mama like me, this is a must-have!


Often, the eyes tell the story with this remedy! It is great for colds and the flu, but there is always a sense of fatigue and exhaustion with this remedy. Eyes will be droopy, tired or watery and the eyelids may be heavy. If you are using this with your children, you may start to notice that when one of your children is sick, they present with the need for gelsemium. I know one of my children almost always indicates this remedy. 


Most commonly used for baby teething, chamomile is made from the flowering camomile plant. This remedy is indicated if the child is irritable, flushed, restless, and inconsolable. They are better for being held and moving, and ice or cold compresses. Chamomilla is also indicated in childbirth and for sleep issues.


There is always the presence of mucus with this remedy! A great remedy when there is a discharge of mucus from ears, nose, or eyes. A child is often tearful and clingy, wanting to be with people or their parents. Symptoms are better with cold, fresh air. This is a great remedy if a runny nose continues and does not clear up. 


Great for colds and congestion; use this remedy for sudden or quick onset of symptoms and at first symptoms—if you notice sneezing, coughs, or a runny nose, this can be given at those initial symptoms to help the body fight off sickness with more ease. Symptoms can arise after exposure to wind, and you may notice increased sneezing as the first symptom. Often it may take away or quickly shift symptoms so that the sickness isn’t as intense. Aconite benefits the most during those initial symptoms, up to 24-48 hours.


Red, heat, fire, and irritability all characterize this remedy. Fevers can be violent and red hot. Cheeks may be flushed. Symptoms can come on suddenly, always with a sense of intensity. Headaches may be pounding and intense. For this remedy picture, the person is aggravated, not the snuggly, weepy type of sickness.


Made from the venom of a honey bee, this remedy is amazing for bee and wasp stings. Apis is indicated when there is swelling, heat, redness, and burning or stinging pain. It works best when taken right away after a sting, and it’s impressive how quickly symptoms decrease.


In general, sepia can be a powerful female remedy—this woman feels at the “end of her rope” physically and mentally. With anxiety and depression (in particular postpartum), the woman that fits this remedy picture feels exhausted, overwhelmed by the responsibilities of daily life, irritated, nervous, and fearful. She is also typically a strong, independent woman but currently feels very indifferent. 

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Such a beautiful remedy—with Ignitia, symptoms and sickness often arise after emotional trauma, grief, or loss. The grief or symptoms are often stuck in the throat as the person has difficulty communicating and feels misunderstood. This can be a great remedy for sore throats (that are relieved with swallowing), headaches, sleep, and anxiety. Often emotions are quickly changeable, alternating between tears and laughter. 

Spongia Tosta

This is made from a sea sponge and is excellent for a deep, barking type of cough. Often the cough will wake the patient up, and they will be fearful. This cough sounds sort of like a seal barking. This cough tends to be worse in the early part of the morning and is better when sitting up.

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