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My Sustainable Summer Capsule Wardrobe



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I’m quite the minimalist—in the sense that too many options and clutter overwhelm me. When I buy new clothing items, it’s important both for my mental health and daily life to have just the right pieces of clothing that I will need. Each season I carefully select what items to highlight in my wardrobe and add a few classic essential pieces I may need to fill the gaps.

When it comes to choosing new clothes, the first thing I focus on …

natural fiber fabrics both good for my health and the environment


pieces I know I will treasure for years and not grow tired of wearing.

The fashion industry (especially fast fashion) keeps pushing on us fashion trends that, besides helping produce tons of textile waste and leaving a high carbon footprint, will also be out of trend by the next season. So instead, I choose timeless styles and high-quality pieces made with sustainable fabrics.

Having a minimalist wardrobe has saved me a lot of time, space, and energy. It’s made such a positive impact that now I don’t struggle with large piles of clothes to care for and won’t even last for many years.

This summer, I’m pregnant with baby #3, so I know I will be living in loose summer dresses, but pulled together a list of my sustainable summer favorites for any woman in any season! The best thing is you can use these clothes year after year after year!

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What Are Capsule Wardrobes?

The first time I heard of the concept of a capsule wardrobe, I was blown-away. I was like, ‘you’re telling me I can keep the same 10-15 pieces of clothes and create different outfits every day?!’

A capsule closet or wardrobe means having timeless pieces, especially high-quality clothing, that complement each other. Say goodbye to pieces that can only be worn a few times before they’re out of fashion! Think of a classic black tank top or a denim jacket you can wear in multiple different ways with different pants, skirts, etc.

Limiting my amount of clothes has helped me improve my personal style, and now I’ve got a perfect capsule wardrobe with high quality items made in a sustainable way for every season.

My Sustainable Summer Capsule Wardrobe

For warmer weather, I use different combinations of clothes to create different outfits without having to worry about following the latest trends that won’t be in the next year. Choosing outfits take less time now and my laundry days have shortened in half!

Mix and match these easy pieces however you think looks best, whether it’s for a date night or a day running errands. I hope you enjoy this list with my favorite items!

  1. Linen crop pants // These have been a staple in my closet for years! They are cool even on hot days and easy to dress up or down. The elastic waist band is relaxed and comfortable.
  2. Light linen dress // Made with sustainable fabric and so breezy and comfortable. This is a staple and easy to dress up with jewelry and sandals or dress down with a jean vest + tennis shoes.
  3. Jean shorts // These are a summer must have, great length if you are tall like me, don’t awkwardly hug in the wrong spots and just about the most comfortable shorts you’ll ever wear. Size down 1-2 sizes—these run large and stretch after a few wears. I bought a larger size last summer when I was postpartum and am still wearing them today at 23 weeks pregnant.
  4. Beek sandals // You will feel like you are walking on a cloud, these are investment sandals that will leave your feet feeling great even after hours of wear and they will last multiple seasons!  I’m on year 3 of hard wear and they still look practically new.
  5. Staple organic cotton tee shirt // Grab a few colors, you’ll thank me later. These wash and wear great even after years of use and are perfect for hot summer days or under a sweater in the winter. The softest shirt ever!
  6. Cleobella Midi Dress // Cleobella has been one of my go-to brands. I never tire of wearing their clothing; everything is feminine, sustainable, and ethically made. The dresses are a dream to wear and something you’ll forever treasure. 
  7. Mille Stripe Linen Dress // This is my splurge item of the season as I know I’ll love it during pregnancy, postpartum and years down the road. They have the most beautiful styles and they are hand stamped at a small family factory in India. 
  8. Sun Drenched Cotton Overalls // These are so fun and breezy and made with all cotton. 

Sustainable Summer Activewear

Because I know you want to look and feel good while being active, these are also a great addition to your wardrobe, especially during summer seasons. You’ll love how long these items will last even if you keep using them every other day!

  1. Teva Outdoor Water Sandals // Best summer investment, I joke these are the ultimate mom shoes (but really everyone needs a pair). Super comfortable, great traction and safe! My littles have the kids and baby ones too.
  2. Vuori Elevation Shorty (Biker style shorts) // I’ve been living in these as they are perfect for my growing baby bump and SO soft. I’ve been dressing them up with a loose floral blouse or a t-shirt for workouts. I love Vuori for workout apparel because it looks a bit nicer and all sustainable or recycled fabric.
  3. Patagonia Capilene Cool Daily Shirt // Made with recycled polyester this is so soft and very cool even on hot + humid days.  Plenty of stretch for my growing belly this summer, my sweet husband got this for me and I may need to ask for a second!
  4. Vuori Sunbreeze Skirt // This is such a fun edition as it is sleek, soft and so cool for hot days. Gives you that “dressed up” sporty look!

For more check out the Best Natural Fiber Fabrics + Brands for Sustainable Living >

I hope you enjoy my ideas! Let me know what you think and what fun items you’ll add to your capsule wardrobe this summer.

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