Bathtub with our top natural bath essentials for relaxation

The Top Natural Bath Essentials For Relaxation








Bathtub with our top natural bath essentials for relaxation

On days when I’m frazzled or just not feeling like myself, I often slip into the bathtub for a soak, even if it’s only 10 minutes. It’s like pressing an instant refresh button on your day!

A bath creates a temporary pause—an intentional moment where you rest and relax. This shifts your body into parasympathetic or relaxed mode and calms your central nervous system and stress hormones. Throw in a few natural bath essentials and you have a recipe for a very relaxing experience.

Caroline applying a face mask before a relaxing bath.

Whether it’s a mid-day quick soak or unwinding before bed, take a moment to pause and recalibrate! Adding natural bath products free of harsh chemicals is a surefire way to turn all your bath time experiences into memorable occasions. Using natural products can be beneficial for those with sensitive skin and for anyone looking to use products that are great for you!

Image of the All natural bath fizz set - 100% therapeutic-grade Essential oils, Cocoa butter, Moroccan Red Clay, French Rose Clay, Rhassoul Clay, Dead Sea Clay, Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda), Citric Acid, Witch Hazel extract and decorative botanicals.

Tips for creating a relaxing bath environment

  • Put your phone on airplane mode and out of hand’s reach.
  • Light a candle.
  • Make a cup of relaxing tea or a cool glass of water to sip and stay hydrated as you bathe.
  • For an added bonus, spend a few minutes dry brushing before you slip into the tub. This stimulates lymphatic drainage and, combined with a bath, supports detoxification and circulation. 
Graphic with a collection of images showing the all natural bath fizz set, a skin brush, Mindful Mineral Soak, and Caroline with a face mask.

Natural Bath Essentials

Pre-bath products…

1. Dry Brush // Dry brushing not only boosts lymphatic drainage and boosts blood flow but is an effective natural exfoliation method to remove dead skin cells and boost skin clarity from the inside out. Take 2 minutes to brush your arms + legs before you soak in the tub.

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2. Countertime Cleansing Oil // This is the dreamiest facial cleanser—your pores will feel clean your skin will look (and feel) refreshed and youthful. It doesn’t leave any oily residue and has all the anti-aging benefits. Remove your makeup, apply and allow it to soak in while you sit in the tub. 

3. AHA Smoothing Facial Mask // I love multitasking by applying a mask while doing dishes or, better yet, soaking in the tub—I always grab this before slipping into the bath. This mask uses physical (eco-friendly bamboo) and chemical (Glycolic, AHA, + Phytic acids) to deeply exfoliate your skin and quickly remove dead skin build-up. Your skin will be soft and glowing!! Only leave it on for 10 minutes.

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4. Soothing Mask with CBD // This mask is potent and you’ll see the effects quickly. CBD gives this facial mask an extra anti-inflammatory boost to calm + cleanse the skin while relaxing your body, mind, and spirit at the same time. Antibacterial-rich raw honey helps draw out impurities and deeply hydrates while you wear and beyond. After this mask + a bath, you’ll sleep like a dream.

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5. Clarifying Mask // This is my go-to for blemishes and breakouts. I love leaving it on extra long while in the bathtub. This mask is full of natural ingredients like turmeric, kaolin clay, and colloidal silver, which help draw out impurities from the skin, leaving your skin refreshed, clear, and bright. Dry skin runs rampant in the winter months, and this clarifying mask is a real lifesaver! Not to mention that the dash of sweet orange essential oil will bring a little bit of summer warmth to you in your home spa.

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Essentials for your bath…

6. Aromatherapy All Natural Bath Fizz // I adore these!!! These bath bombs will make your entire room smell dreamy, even in the box, and make your bath time the most calming and relaxing environment—purely scented with essential oils, colored naturally with purifying clays, and infused with cocoa butter to nourish your skin while you soak. Grab a set for you and one to gift a friend!

7. Pure Radiance Vitamin C Powder // Vitamin C neutralizes chlorine and chloramine—two toxic chemicals found in almost all water. Bathwater can be a double threat as we inhale whatever chemicals are in the water, which is absorbed through the skin. Add 1 teaspoon Vitamin C Powder as you fill the tub, a few minutes before you hop in. This can be incredibly supportive after swimming and for your little ones.

8. CBD Mindful Mineral Soak // The combination of mineral-rich dead sea salts, coconut oil, and calming CBD makes this the most relaxing bath, both physically and mentally. Anytime I feel overwhelmed, frazzled, or have an achy back, this soak transforms the situation. And, you’ll sleep like a dream after! Use code flourish for 15% off.

9. Magnesium Flakes // Magnesium is our body’s anti-stress mineral and one most women are deficient in. A few handfuls into your bath water will relax sore muscles, calm your mind and promote deep sleep. Magnesium is much more effectively absorbed than typical Epsom salts.

10. Your favorite essential oils // The best essential oils are the ones that calm and delight you. I always love adding eucalyptus to baths because the combo with hot water helps open up breathing. Lavender, eucalyptus, and ylang ylang are my favorites for baths.


11. Organic Cotton Towels // When you take a hot bath or shower, your pores open up, making you more susceptible to breathing toxins and absorbing them through your skin. Choosing organic cotton towels is a great, big-picture approach to wellness. These are so soft + fluffy and look great even after lots of washing.

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