10 Ways to Support Your Adrenals During Seasons of Stress









Reality is, we ALL go through seasons of stress!

Personally, I just finished a big transition season of moving and was amazed at how well my body bounced back! I intentionally supported my body starting about 6 weeks prior to moving and continued the month after. I upped my adrenal supplements and took extra measure to support my body with power naps, long walks outside and saying NO to a lot.

Remember stress isn’t always so apparent.

Stress is simply any change in your status quo or “to alter an existing equilibrium.”

Yes, stress can be something beautiful like a vacation, wedding or the birth of your child, or even something joyful like finishing a huge project or a promotion!

What happens is, when our body is constantly in that stress state or in a stress state for an extended period of time (this doesn’t mean years or months), we need to support our body by intentionally taking steps to take us out of that stress state temporarily.

Anything you can do to intentionally rest your body (putting it into that parasympathetic nervous system state) is a win…even if its only for 10 minutes!


10 Ways to Support Your Adrenals During Seasons of Stress

Baths :: Soaking in a bath intentionally puts your body into a parasympathetic (or relaxed)  state and calms your nervous system, body and mind all while lowering your stress levels. Try to remove as many distractions and technology as possible and give yourself a few minutes of uninterrupted rest—if you want to listen to music, put your phone on airplane mode out of arms reach.

I love Primally Pure’s bath salts and magnesium bath flakes.

Adaptogens :: I am a big believer in using adaptogens for hormone balance! Adaptogens have been used as traditional healing supplements for centuries and help your body adapt to incoming stress or changes in the environment by producing a calming effect or a  stimulating effect. Adaptogens work in non-specific ways to encourage overall balance and increase resistance to stress, which is why they are so effective.

I use an incredible adrenal tonic for myself and with my students/clients! I also love Ashwaghanda. Get my favorite adaptogens via Fullscript >

Power Naps :: When your adrenal system is exhausted, the BEST thing you can do is sleep. But….life happens and that’s not always possible. Or catch 22—when you are in a state of adrenal fatigue, the body’s natural rhythms are confused and sleep might actually be really difficult. Power naps can be a helpful tool in giving your body the boost it needs to get through the day. You might be surprised by how much energy a 10 minute power nap gives you! So you aren’t groggy,  I recommend doing a power nap for 10-20 minutes max.  Lay on a flat surface, the ground even, set a timer, close your eyes, breathe deeply and let your body totally relax—even if you think you won’t fall asleep, keep your eyes closed and  distractions away, you’ll be surprised by how quick you can go into a temporary ‘deep sleep state’.…

Get Help :: You don’t have to ‘do all the things’ or have a Pinterest worthy life and house. Remember that you are beautifully and wonderfully made and put on this earth for a reason—your list of ‘accomplishments’ or activities isn’t going to change that.  Ask for help, the phrase “it takes a village” is there for a reason! Whether that’s getting a bit of childcare, saying NO to activities that really don’t matter or asking a friend for help during this stressful season, know that you are strong for realizing your priorities!

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Breath Work :: Focusing on your breathing patterns can be a simple, quick way to get oxygen into your body, exhale stress and relax. When you breathe deeply, your brain receives a message to calm down and relax, this then sends a message to your body to calm down and relax, decreasing your heart rate and blood pressure and relaxing your muscles. I love the Calm app or even the breathe reminder on the Apple watch. Deeply inhale and exhale for 1 minute or about 10 breaths in and out.

Power Clean Up + Organize :: A clean and organized environment = a clean and organized mind. Even if you are someone who claims to thrive on hustle, noise and chaos, scientifically your body craves rituals and organization. Take 15 minutes to implement a ‘15 minute power clean up’ at the end of the day to keep your environment organized so that you can tackle all you need to do with clarity and focus!

Ditch the Caffeine :: “But I have so much to do and need energy!” Caffeine is literally  liquid stress on the adrenals and body, so if you are already in a stressed and weakened energy state, you are only adding fuel to the fire. When you drink caffeine, your body is given a false state of energy and will output more stress hormones and  cortisol leaving you more and more exhausted. Ever notice how one cup of coffee never seems to be enough? Coming from a previous caffeine lover (seriously), I’m living proof that ditching the caffeine gives you more energy!!

Simplify  :: Say no, get takeout, simplify your to-do list! Realize it always seems more overwhelming at first, but keep plugging away and know that what actually NEEDS to get done always will, the rest is just fluff. During this past  season of moving, I chose to prioritize and not ever feel guilty for simplifying—gluten free pizzas were a staple and we chose not to do any Christmas presents. Hey, we were happier and more rested due to those decisions!

Vitamin C :: Vitamin C is more rapidly used up by the body during seasons of stress, so it is important to supplement with high quality Vitamin C—I recommend Pure Radiance C. This will support your adrenal hormones and immune system.

Get into bed—seriously, just do it ::  Sleep is your best friend during stressful seasons and the best way to support your adrenal system. Seriously, just stop and get into bed. “Nothing good happens after midnight”—wise words my mother says. But more like 9/9:30, get into bed!! If you are trying to push through and do something while exhausted, chances are you aren’t going to be happy with your end result and just going to have to go back and do more tomorrow, ultimately this leaves you more stressed, exhausted and is counter productive. If you are tired, listen to your body’s beautiful way of signaling you. 

If you struggle with sleep, get into bed early to help your body unwind try CBN Nano Sleep Jellies (my sleep wonder worker)!

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  2. […] off of that, Caroline’s post on supporting your adrenals is spot on! I’m about to re-start her Adrenal Fatigue course and am so grateful to have her in my […]

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