Adrenal Fatigue Recovery: A Day in the Life




This year I decided I am focusing on cultivating rituals—I know that rituals are the building blocks that make the big dreams possible and allow me to navigate my life and health journey with grace.

After a year and a half of focusing on conquering adrenal fatigue, I’m often amazed at how much energy, focus and clarity I have! But this has NOT been an overnight, quick fix. It’s come down to being consistent and intentional with my time and routines. 

Our bodies crave routines and love the predictability that comes with consistency—especially our adrenal system! When you give your body consistency, it knows what to expect, decreasing the need to go into fight or flight (stress) mode.

Here’s a few routines I incorporate daily to help navigate adrenal fatigue!

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Adrenal Fatigue Recovery: A Day in the Life


6:00 am — Peaceful, Calming Morning Routine

Let me be totally transparent here—I go through seasons where I can barely get out of bed when my sweet daughter wakes me up, hello human alarm clock, and times where I pop right out of bed at 5:15-5:30 am. This is the body’s beautiful way of signaling it needs rest—listen to that and adjust your schedule with grace when you can!

On an optimal day, I like to be out of bed by 5:30-6:00 am because I love my morning routine and know that a few moments of peace and calming keep me positive all day long—and that affects so much more than just me. I know that I am my best self when I choose to first fill up my cup, and if that doesn’t happen before the day begins, it just never happens.

Waking up early has taken me about a year and a half of healing work on my adrenal fatigue—when I was in the midst of my healing journey, I made sleep the top priority. 

Morning routine—I immediately take my thyroid medicine and then drink a big glass of lemon water (helps get the digestive system stimulated and flushes out any toxins), make a cup of roobois tea or decaf coffee and get in a cozy spot. I light a candle and get out my prayer journal and go through devotional. After that, I look at my calendar and get focused for the day. Next, I prep my vitamins, wash my face and get dressed. I try to accomplish this before Remington wakes up—sometimes I only get a few minutes to focus myself but this keeps me calm and positive for the day ahead.

Adrenal Fatigue Signs + Symptoms: If you wake up with a morning headache, ’hangover’ like symptoms, or feel exhausted, this can be a sign of adrenal fatigue.


7:30 am — Nutrient Dense Breakfast

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and one I am ALWAYS excited to eat—that’s actually a good sign your blood sugar is balanced and digestive system is working. I find that as the day progresses and life pulls me in a million directions, it’s easy to loose control over my meal choices! But I do have control over eating a nutrient dense breakfast and accomplishing something impactful right from the start.

I usually eat 2 fried eggs, breakfast sausage (because it’s Remington’s favorite), a handful of sautéed spinach, a slice of gluten-free bread or a bowl of granola and yogurt. Remington also loves breakfast and I have noticed a huge difference in her attitude all day when she eats a good breakfast, so we turn on some music and make this a fun morning routine.

Going too long without food—fasting or intermittent fasting—can negatively impact your blood sugar and create havoc on your adrenal and stress hormones. I don’t recommend skipping breakfast or delaying breakfast if you are in the midst of navigating adrenal fatigue. 

Adrenal Fatigue Signs + Symptoms: If you are hungry, shaky or irritable by 10am, try adding more fat and protein to your breakfast or eat a nutrient dense mid morning snack—spoonful of nut butter, slice of cheese, handful of nuts, or a super food decaf coffee with collagen and ghee.


11 am — Low Impact Workout

Since I work from home and have a bit of flexibility, I try to get in a workout mid-morning a few days a week. Sometimes I do this about 9am before I start working, really just depends on how I feel and my schedule for the day. Exercise truly gives me life and makes me feel positive and energized—it’s a gift that keeps on giving, even when I feel I don’t have time for it. Even if I only walk for 10 minutes, because reality is sometimes that’s all I have time for, I always make movement a priority.

Adrenal Fatigue Signs + Symptoms: High intensity workouts like running, cross fit or heavy weight lifting are a form of stress and can only deplete your adrenals and energy even more. Instead do a low impact workout like walking, stretching, yoga or pilates until your body has started to heal for a few months.


3 pm — Pause, Self-Care + Chocolate

I used to just tough it out through that ‘afternoon slump,’ but I’ve found this little ritual totally helps and now I feel energized through the afternoon—and yes a big part of that is adrenal fatigue healing, which takes time. I usually pause at 3pm about 30 minutes before my daughter wakes up from her nap and have a little ‘me time.’ I will usually grab a square or two of chocolate, do a few minutes of deep breathing (love that feature on the Apple watch) and give myself freedom to do what I want for about 10-15 minutes. I’ll grab a book, do some online shopping or sometimes I’ll just zone out for a few minutes. I also love using this time to take a power nap if needed—10 minutes of shut eye can make a big difference. And on Friday’s I always nap for about an hour!

Adrenal Fatigue Signs + Symptoms: The afternoon slump is real, especially if your adrenals are weakened, but try to resist caffeine or something high in refined sugar. This only adds liquid stress and fuels the adrenal fatigue fire. Instead, take steps towards true healing—take a power nap, take a short walk outside in the fresh air, get into bed earlier that night or drink a big glass of cool water. If you need caffeine, because sometimes life happens and never feel guilty for that, choose matcha instead—this is a slow burning source of caffeine that keeps your stress hormones and blood sugar more stable.


6:30 pm —Nighttime Facial Cleansing + PJs

I have this ‘rule’—it’s a good one—always always get into my PJs and wash my face before giving Remington a bath. Moms out there, do this, it will change everything…and if you aren’t a mom, still get into your PJs early…you’ll thank me!

*I’m in love with both these routines and both have totally transformed my skin, so I alternate nightly.

Adrenal Fatigue Signs + Symptoms: If you start to feel a rush of energy after dinner or even about 8:00pm, try to do something calming instead of further stimulating yourself—remember, nighttime sleep is the most restorative sleep. With adrenal fatigue, your melatonin and circadian rhythms are confused, hence why you often feel wired at night. Promote a sense of calm by taking a bath, using blue blocking glasses or cultivating routines that signal your body sleep is coming.


8:30 pm — Get Cozy in Bed

Not going to lie but I love getting into bed—this signals my body to wind down, even if I’m not going to sleep yet. Usually I watch a show or catch up on life things, sometimes I work (just keeping it real). But I always get into bed!

Once Remington goes to bed, I do a quick power clean up of the house so that I can wake up to a clean slate. 

I would say on a typical night lights out is about 9 or 9:30, but sometimes my husband and I stay up a bit later. We both wake up early to start our day so typically we are in bed early! 

I do take a few supplements to help with sleep, but now that my adrenal fatigue is healing, I have been able to decrease those, which is amazing. I love drinking chamomile tea and always always always take my CBD oil about 30 minutes before bed—this has been the ultimate game changer for sleep for me. I also sleep with a silk eye mask which is so relaxing—if you have trouble winding down, try an eye mask!! 

Adrenal Fatigue Signs + Symptoms: The best restorative sleep happens between 10pm to 6am. For some people, it’s not that we need more sleep, it’s that we need that deep, restful sleep. Try getting into bed earlier to train your body, even if you don’t fall asleep right away. The more you work to heal your adrenals, the better your sleep will be!


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