What Are Adaptogens & Which 3 You Should Consume for Hormone Balance | Flourish blog

What Are Adaptogens & Which 3 You Should Consume for Hormone Balance








What Are Adaptogens & Which 3 You Should Consume for Hormone Balance | Flourish blog

Have you heard of adaptogens?  Yes, they are gaining in popularity and it seems like everyone from the crunchy mama to the business woman is adding these into her routine.  Me? I am a big fan and here’s why!

So what really are adaptogens? 

Sometimes known as superfoods, adaptogenic herbs help naturally raise the body’s resistance to stress, both physical and emotional, anxiety, toxic exposure and fatigue and help the body restore and maintain balance.

Simply put, adaptogens do just that—they encourage the body to adapt to incoming stress and changes in your environment, either producing a calming effect or a stimulating effect dependent on the circumstances.  However, unlike something like caffeine which stimulates a specific response and can alter the body’s energy, adaptogens work in non-specific ways to encourage overall balance and increase resistance to stress, which is why they are so effective.  So you won’t experience the jitters or crash that sometimes is associated with caffeine.

Adaptogens are gaining in popularity, but this current trend has deep historic roots, and the noticeable effects of adaptogens go back centuries.  Many ancient cultures and indigenous people recognized the amazing benefits of adaptogens.

I am a big fan of incorporating adaptogens especially when working to restore your hormones, in particular the sex hormones (both male and female) and the adrenal hormones.

Yes, these powerful adaptogens should be added to your daily wellness routine!

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3 Adaptogens for Hormone Balance


Maca root is a Peruvian superfood that helps boost energy, especially during that afternoon slump and sugar cravings, balance hormones and boost the immune system.  Maca is especially amazing for helping calm PMS symptoms and an adaptogen females should be incorporating often.  It has a lightly sweet, slightly smoky taste so it tastes fabulous paired with raw cacao powder and nut butter or blended into bullet proof coffee.


Ashwaghanda is calming adaptogen traditionally used to help insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, exhaustion, adrenal fatigue, auto-immune conditions and thyroid dysfunction.  This adaptogen has the unique ability to calm when needed or stimulate when needed, which it is why it is my  favorite adaptogen.  If sensitive to nightshades or in a state to complete adrenal failure (can send mixed messages and impede adrenal healing), ashwaghanda should not be used.

Stress is the number one underlying factor for hormone imbalances, so if you are experiencing some not so great symptoms like hormonal acne, painful cramps or migraines, I recommend focusing on adrenal fatigue as a starting point to helping your hormones heal.

Schisandra Berry 

Schisandra Berry is a woody fruit vine found in China with powerful detoxification properties.  It helps stimulate liver detox, protein synthesis and glutathione production, which is the body’s powerful detoxification nutrient.  Proper liver functioning is key to healthy, happy hormones.  It also strengthens the adrenals and immune system and can boost your skin and complexion due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Keep in mind, adaptogenic herbs are very powerful and you only need a small amount.  I recommend incorporating into your bullet proof coffee, smoothies or taking capsule forms just a few times per week.  Always pay attention to your particular body’s needs and signals!

Please note: this is not medical advice and as always you should seek advice of a medical professional before introducing adaptogens.  Please always consult with your doctor before starting a new protocol, especially if pregnant or breastfeeding.


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