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Confidently You: Spring Coffee Shop Fashion

Apr 1, 2016

So your starting a fashion column my husband asks? Well, yes and no.  Yes, because doing something creative and girly like this makes me happy, and happy people are healthy people!

But more importantly I want to encourage you towards confidence—confidence in yourself that you bring value to this world, that you are perfectly and wonderfully YOU!  Now, confidence is not a bad thing, neither is it pride, it is something quite different!

Ask yourself are you doing something that you are proud of each day? Can you look in the mirror and say, I am proud of that woman I see?

I have struggled with self-confidence in the past, and I am sure that each and every person reading this can relate, if not well then you probably aren’t human!  Feelings like my house isn’t Pinterest perfect enough, my arms are a bit too jiggly, or the shame of not fitting into that cocktail dress again…or I don’t want to take my shorts off at the beach because I don’t have that supermodel swimsuit body.  We have all been there and the struggle is real my friends!

But it it time to break away from that bondage of self doubt and love ourselves for who we are! This was a light bulb moment to me about a year ago and ever since the freedom has been unreal!  I am who I am despite my size, shape or the amount of time I run each day.

“The confidence your spirit demonstrates and the smile on your face determine who you are much more than the mirror or scale!”

So yes, I am starting a “Confidently You” fashion, lifestyle, encouragement or whatever you want to call it section of my website, and I couldn’t be more excited!  Stay tuned each Friday morning and leave me a comment below if you love the idea, well I sure hope you do 🙂

Sunglasses / Skirt / Espadrilles / Shirt / Watch / Tote Bag / Petal Lipstick / Hat

Jean skirts are totally making a comeback friends! I felt like a total elementary school girl buying this skirt a few months back, but I have been rocking it and it is so comfortable! I grabbed these fun blue espadrilles in Portland when I was there the other week and will be wearing them all summer long! Oh and they are so easy to put on, why are shoes so stressful to tie and lace these days?  These will for sure be my cute and comfy summer staples, because it is hot here!

In the afternoons, I love working at coffee shops, and this one is just my favorite! If you are ever on Oahu, be sure to check out Paiko flower shop and Arvo, I mean just look at those adorable palm trees, plus their cappuccinos are fabulous and I am kinda a coffee snob!

My husband got off work early the other day, and I still had a list a mile long, so we had a lovely afternoon coffee date.  If you have to work, do it with the one you love by your side!  I am so thankful for his endless encouragement because let me tell you owning your own business and blogging is a lot harder than it looks, so I truly am thankful!

Who are you thankful for in your life who pushes you to be a better person? Tell them, it will make their day!

Cheers friends!

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