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Change Starts With You: The Power of ONE

Oct 20, 2016

Be the change you wish to see in the world… Ghandi

Last weekend, I had the privilege of teaching a safe skincare and beauty event with my friend  Anya’s Eats.  I always get so nervous to talk in front of people, but this past weekend over pumpkin bread, mimosas and lipstick, I realized just how PASSIONATE I am about this topic!

I loved the look on women’s faces when they soak up all this great information and how the products we use each day truly affect us!

If you are not convinced switching to safe is for you, check out my article “6 Toxic Skincare and Beauty Ingredients to Avoid and Why.”

I have been blessed with this information and feel like it is my duty to educate YOU!  Change truly starts with one person passionately sharing—with me, with you and the domino effect of people we influence.

Ask yourself, “Do I want to influence change in this world and make it a better place?”

If so, here are a few ways you can get involved!

1. Beautycounter’s first and foremost mission is change, educating YOU on safe skincare and devoting time to advocating for health protection laws in Washington D.C.  There second mission is providing safe, effective products for you!  Your purchase of moisturizer or lip stick goes so far beyond just you using it everyday.  It is part of a bigger movement! So yes, purchasing or even just sharing a Beautycounter item is one of the best ways to promote change.

2. Attend my Facebook educational social—I will be educating you with posts all week, plus a Facebook Live video and fun giveaways, including this dreamy “Winter Warmth Palette” ($58 value).  Online event will be informal and fun, lasting from Sunday 10/23 to Sunday 10/30.

You can request to join the event HERE!

3. Host a social with ME—especially with the holiday’s approaching, hosting a social is great to not only educate but also, you as the host get the host rewards!  Since chances are, we probably don’t live in the same area, you can host an online Facebook social with me—all you are responsible for is inviting your family and friends to the online event!

I will also be in the Virginia area until Christmas, if you would like to schedule a holiday social with me!

Contact me HERE to schedule one today!

3.) Become a consultant like ME—Never in a million years did I think I would become a makeup consultant, but I can honestly say it was the best business and personally decision I made this past year.  The mentoring, friendship and business aspects of this job has pushed me in areas I never could even have imagined.  As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, educating you to live a healthy lifestyle is my primary mission and I have loved watching individuals grow in this area of their lives.

The mentorship aspect is huge and you will get to work with me to make sure you have everything you need for success!  With the holidays approaching and Beautycounter still a very small company, there is no better time than now!

During the month of October I am looking for 4 new consultants to mentor—I truly want to give you the support you need before the holiday rush! NOW is the best time 🙂

To learn more, contact me HERE or sign up HERE!

Always feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

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