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Nov 16

I’ve partnered with Huhtamaki Inc. for the Chinet® brand to create this post! Enjoy! I can’t believe it is that festive time of year again—the time when the world lights up with sparkles and we have all the excuses to invite friends over for pomegranate mimosas! Also, gingerbread bundt cakes, can we talk about that!? Can’t […]

Oct 18

Fall is not quite complete without chai lattes…am I right, am I right?! I have been C-R-A-V-I-N-G chai recently and am always sooooo tempted to order it, but know the crazy amount of sugar would set me off, so no good. Lavender lattes have been popping up all over the place and I am a […]


Aug 23

Do you all remember Nutella?! Well, I remember eating it by the spoonful in high school and college and the other day I randomly started craving it! I seriously wish I could figure out my food cravings, they make absolute no sense. So I made this Nutella milkshake—more like a hazelnut brownie, salted Nutella milkshake […]

Jul 7

Things I am currently loving…or ok I will admit, slightly obsessed: Activated charcoal: did you see my post on my daily skincare routine and why I am loving activated charcoal? Pressed Juicery “Freeze”: ok, obsessed with their fro-yo (and no its not actual frozen yogurt but those words make me smile).  They just opened in […]

Jul 2

Happy 4th of July weekend! Today, I am extra happy because there is steak about to be grilled and cocktails for two, because my hubby is finally home! We absolutely love to cook together so on the menu this weekend is perfectly grilled steak (recipe in my cookbook & it does not disappoint), bacon potato […]

Feb 23

I have totally been obsessed with whipped cream recently. Kinda just adding it to everything possible! Needless to say, my whipped cream maker has been put to good use!  But really, what would life be without fun garnishes like whipped cream and pretty pink berries…yes enjoy every last minute and bite of life, because it’s […]

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