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Oct 25

Fall has forever been my favorite.  You know in the movie Elf when Buddy says, “I like to smile. smiling’s my favorite.” That is sorta how I feel about fall, and yes, I will admit I walk around the house saying it just like Buddy the Elf, sans the elf slippers. I mean what is […]

Sep 27

It pretty much should be against the law to eat Brussels sprouts without bacon right?!  Well, at least in my world! Sometimes I get caught up in my creative brain and forget that some of my favorite dishes are usually the most simple.  Fresh, colorful vegetables, good quality oils and salts and usually a boost […]

Gluten Free, Paleo Thai Chicken Chop Salad by Colorful Eats

Jun 22

Real life confessions— I always forget to eat my vegetables. My husband ate 3 servings of this when I made it in California last month. I had never watched an episode of the Bachelor/Bachelorette until last night. I am secretly in love with this pistachio ice cream, like have to leave the house so I […]

May 26

Summer diet commence! Meaning all I want to eat is grilled steak and veggies, this all too glamorous and fabulous caprese salad and pistachio ice cream! Raise a hand if your with me?! Caprese salad is my all time favorite! I quite honestly can’t believe it has been over 4 years since my summer in […]

May 11

You want to know what is totally not awesome? Being hit with the flu…like BAMM out of no where…knocked out for days type of flu! Ugh…thankfully I am on the mend! Do you want to know what does make the flu awesome (besides crying hoping the pain goes away)? Puppy snuggles, Friends re-runs (thank goodness […]

Nov 24

It’s really all about the toppings right?! Vegetables are so much fun sometimes, especially when the flavors, colors and textures just burst with endless possibilities! I absolutely love all the fall flavors, ok who am I kidding, I love all the flavors.  I found pomegranates at the store the other day, which if you have […]

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