5 Wellness Trends That Aren’t Going Anywhere



Wellness can mean different things to different people, but I love this definition: the state of being health in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.

I am not the biggest believer in following the crowd—in fact, I usually like to do the opposite!  And, if I am being really honest, often when someone says “oh this is good for you” I will be stubborn, I will be stubborn, resist doing it until I’ve done a ton of research about it, and then decide if it has merit..  My extremely patient husband knows all too well how stubborn I can me some times!

When it comes to nutrition and healthy living, I believe that personalization is key, listening to your body is essential and doing something just because social media says so doesn’t always provide the right answer for YOU.

These are 5 health and wellness trends that you might not find in a popular blog post or national magazine, but ones that I personally think will only continue in 2018!  Trends that are rooted in balance, personalization and enjoying life.  Trends that will stand the test of time!

5 Wellness Trends That Aren’t Going Anywhere

5 Health & Wellness Trends That Aren't Going Anywhere by Flourish


A modern trend that isn’t so modern, but goes back centuries to traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic and European styles of medicine.  Adaptogens do just that—they adapt to your body’s imbalances and incoming stressors and help balance the body as a whole.

Sometimes known as superfoods, adaptogenic herbs help naturally raise the body’s resistance to stress, both physical and emotional, anxiety, toxic exposure and fatigue.

Adaptogens can actually help calm a stress activated enzyme and reduce inflammation in the body, again working to restore that balance to changes in the environment.  They are greatly beneficial in balancing female hormones!  I love adding adaptogenic powders into coffee or milkshakes.

My favorite adaptogens:

Eliminating Stress

Stress, both physical and emotional, is our biggest battle in these modern times.  In this constant, on-the-go, stimulating world we live in, we have to take time to cut out the noise and decompress.

Stress can manifest itself in different ways and does not just come in the form of traffic and working too late.  

BUT, the solution is quite simple—start saying NO and taking care of yourself!!  You will find yourself more energetic, vibrant, passionate, creative and productive, all of which will have lasting impacts on you, your family, your business and your contentment!

For so long, I fought against this, ignoring the symptoms of my adrenal fatigue and rather kept pushing forward.  But the amazing part is, when we finally have the courage to say ENOUGH, amazing healing can happen and can take our health and happiness to a whole NEW, vibrant level!

Plant-based diets

As much as I am a FIRM believe in eating animal proteins and fats, I think recently we saw a move away from what I like to call “junk food vegetarian” to more of a plant based diet, which I really do appreciate!

Plant based diets encourage eating quality fruits and vegetables, good sources of plant fats like coconut oil, avocados, properly soaked and sprouted seeds and nuts and avocados.  I also love that most often plant based diets, bloggers and recipes encourage eating local and seasonal foods and always pass on the preservatives!

I love that there are some delicious and very creative restaurants out there where you can get a very fresh and nutritious superfood salad or bowl and amazing desserts sweetened with natural sweeteners…just make sure to follow it with grass-fed steak for dinner!

The human body is not designed to survive on plants alone, our hormones especially need animal nutrients, but I do think the plant based diets bring many good qualities into the nutrition and eating world!  Plus, I can ALWAYS be encouraged to eat more fresh vegetables!

Safe Beauty & Non-toxic Living

I was thrilled to see safe beauty and non-toxic living really take off in 2017 and know it is only going to explode from here!  I fought against non-toxic living for so long, but once I finally did the research and saw a radical transformation in my own life, I was hooked….in the best possible way!

Toxins in our beauty, skincare and home products greatly disrupt our hormones and can cause hormonal acne, adrenal fatigue, PMS symptoms, infertility, migraines, learning disabilities and SO much more.

To learn more you can join my FREE 10 day Better Beauty Challenge!

Keep in mind, that “natural” doesn’t always mean safe or better—many not-so-great companies are taking advantage of safe beauty trends and making more natural products still with very harmful ingredients in them.  Sourcing, safety, and finding companies that are very transparent with their ingredient lists is key!

My top picks for safer products:



Resisting “food rules” and perfection

When we are so consumed with perfection, we miss out on the big picture of life and being healthy in all aspects of life.  I have never been a big fan of “rules” but always encourage people to (within reason) find what works for them, not just for today and this month, but for life.

So many diets and “food rules” restrict SO much and can have devastating physical and emotional effects down the road.  We get started on one “diet” and then 3 weeks later resort back to our old habits.  This yo-yo way of eating and living is NOT how God designed life to be.

When we resist perfection and embrace living, freedom and contentment follow!



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  1. Morgan Stokes says:

    I really love and appreciate this list! I’m loving all the new plant based restaurants too, it’s nice to have some places to get a super healthy yet tasty dessert!

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