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Cozy up for your daily dose of healthy living, better beauty tips and delicious recipes! Here at Flourish you will be encouraged to live your best possible self and learn to balance conscious living with grace. Coffee, tea or champagne anyone?

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Episode 53: Why Self Care Makes You a Better Human

Oct 9, 2017

Self-care is such a beautiful thing, but why aren’t more women doing it? On today’s episode we are sharing our take on self-care and why we believe it’s crucial to your overall health and well-being as well as your relationships.

As women we tend to put everyone else first and taking time out of our busy schedules to focus on ourselves can seem next to impossible. Or maybe you’re just unsure of how to create this time in your own life, but have been longing for it’s quiet or laughter filled moments. On today’s episode, we share some helpful steps that’ll teach you how to create time in your schedule for self-care and why it’s so important to make it a priority.

We are pretty sure you’re going to love us just a tad bit more after this episode!

We are giving you permission to take some time to take care of YOU because you deserve it beautiful!

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