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Photograph by Amber Schoniwitz Photograph by Amber Schoniwitz

My cookbook goes to print today!! It also happens to be my 25th birthday, and I would never have dreamt of publishing a cookbook by this age, but its amazing what hard work and persistence can do!  To everyone who has supported me and encouraged me this past year to reach for my dreams, from the bottom of my heart I sincerely say thank you!

It seems like since signing my contract at the end of last year to today has been a constant whirlwind but I absolutely cannot wait until All American Paleo Table: Classic Homestyle Gatherings from a Grain-Free Perspective is in YOUR hands on October 6, 2015!  If you haven’t pre-ordered it yet, you totally should, and know that I am honored and forever grateful!

{You can pre-order here. It will be available at Barnes & Nobles, Books-A-Million, Amazon, Costco and wherever books are sold.}

Cover photography by Amber Schoniwitz Cover photography by Amber Schoniwitz

I wrote this cookbook with the everyday American table in mind—each chapter takes you on a culinary journey of events and celebrations that we as Americans hold dear.  I want to inspire you that eating can be healthy and oh so tasty, creating an atmosphere of fun and joy centered around the table.

I wanted to recreate those classic American comfort foods, but from a healthy, real-food perspective!  I have you covered with everything from hot dogs on a stick to classic spaghetti and meatballs from white sausage biscuits and gravy to Christmas morning cinnamon rolls and from onion rings to bacon jam burgers.

These recipe creations are meals I typically eat or crave and want to eat every single day.  I can honestly say that I would eat breakfast or dinner from my own cookbook each and every day and that is a good feeling to have!  I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do!

I wanted to give you a sneak peak today inside the cookbook today as well as what makes this cookbook unique.  Yes, cookbook writing meant lots of blasting Taylor Swift, reworking some recipes upwards of 10 times, standing on tables to get the perfect shot, ENDLESS dish washing and days filled with everything from leaping for joy to buckets of tears.  So without further ado…here you go, and don’t blame me if you want to eat your screen.

There are plenty more sneak peaks on my Instagram and check out #americanpaleotable and #steakwithstephen 🙂

What makes All American Paleo Table unique—

Each chapter takes you through an all American event

Now, this is not to say that this book is for Americans only, by no means because its simply just healthy, tasty comfort food which everyone loves!  However, I laid out the book by chapters each corresponding to events that are familiar to us as Americans.  For example there are chapters such as: Game Day Eats, Daily Gatherings, Red, White and Blue Table, The Thankful Table, and one of my personal favorites A Farmer’s Breakfast.  Within the chapters, I have you fully covered taking you through every detail of your event with recipes from small bites, to the main course to dessert and drinks.  So in the Christmas chapter let’s say, you will get multiple breakfast options, a few desserts and sweet treats as well as a whole dinner entree and sides.

Every recipe is filled with memories and will spark your own

When I was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a few years back and radically changed my diet, it was always the foods associated with memories that I missed the most!  It was the celebrations, the football tailgates, the backyard summer BBQs and the Thanksgivings that were always the hardest for me.  For those of us with health issues or those of us just trying to eat healthier, these events and situations can often be such a struggle, wanting to participate in the merriment, but at the same time knowing that we can’t eat what is filling the table!  Every recipe in this book has a memory for me, and I can say that after testing them with family and friends these recipes will evoke your own memories and fill your table with the foods you hold dear once again‚ but without the junk, grains, gluten or refined sugars of course!

The recipe ingredients and cooking methods are unique

I truly am a creative at heart so in this cookbook you will not only find baked goods with almond flour but rather each recipe is unique when it comes to ingredients and methods—but really they are quite simple to make.  I worked really hard to create a multitude of flavors, textures and styles so that no matter what there is something for everyone.  Most of the recipes are nut free (winner winner chicken dinner!), but those with nuts use a combination of cashews, macadamia nuts and hazelnuts.  There are recipes in this book ranging from the simplicity of skillet cooking to slow cooking from roasting to reverse searing and from frying to smoking (yes the smoked meats are simply to die for!!).  You truly will never have a boring meal from this book!

Healthy AND tasty are my biggest priorities

I truly don’t believe that healthy eating should be boring, and no you won’t find me eating weird things just for the sake of it.  I am truly a comfort girl at heart!  I believe that steak and hamburgers are their own food groups, and those recipes shine in this book! I worked endlessly to make sure the the ingredients are healthy as well as that the end result ending up on your plate is completely satisfying.  Every recipe is grain, gluten and refined sugar free as well as dairy free (with just the exception of a couple of recipes that include dairy or I give you ideas on how to use cheese or cream as an optional garnish).

As a type 1 diabetic and someone very sensitive to sugar, you will not see bucketfuls of sweetener being used in these recipes.  For example, the chocolate chip cookie recipe contains only a few tablespoons of added sweetener and most of the main courses and sauces do not contain any added sugars.  But after multiple dozens of chocolate chip cookies and rounds of gingerbread cake heading off to my husband’s ship, I can honestly say that everyone loves the end result!!

Don’t forget to pre-order All American Paleo Table here!!

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  1. Kelly Smith says:

    I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on this amazing and beautiful book, sweet friend! I’ll definitely be tooting your horn – this book looks A M A Z I N G !! So happy and excited for you! xo

  2. Susan Mouser says:


  3. Michelle Daniels says:

    Totally pre-ordered on Amazon! Wish we could all come to Hawaii in October and have a huge party with you when it releases!!!! Congratulations Caroline! ~Michelle

    • Caroline Potter says:

      Thank you so much Michelle! I will actually being doing the launch party in San Diego early October! More details to follow 🙂

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