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Feb 28

Perfectly seasoned and oh so tender, these simple and totally healthy, Paleo banh mi tacos will quickly have you reaching for seconds. I must have tacos on my mind recently, probably because they are just the greatest food ever, or because my husband keeps asking for tacos since they don’t really exist here in Spain.  If […]

Feb 16

A low carb and gluten free Greek pizza loaded with all your favorite toppings! If you have followed me for any amount of time, you know that pizza is my all time favorite food, ok well along with cheese, steak and eggs.  I often joke with my husband and friends that my dying wish is […]

Feb 7

Chicken alfredo of your dreams—a simple, cozy and healthy dinner to make together! This grain and gluten free garlic chicken alfredo has quickly become a favorite dinner in our house and one we love to make together.  Truth be told Stephen and I would rather make dinner together than go out on Valentine’s day.  We both absolutely […]

Safe, Non-Toxic Options to Nourish Your Skin This Winter by Colorful Eats

Jan 18

Ok, I am totally obsessed with this curry—well pretty much any Indian curry.  Indian curry is ultimate comfort food to me! But, I have always been skeptical of trying to make it on my own—I mean for starters, try googling curry and you get like a million different answers for how to make it.  So, […]

Dec 28

Hello from Spain!!! To say we already love it here is probably an understatement! So many adventures, amazing food, beyond friendly people, beautiful architecture and just a general positive atmosphere! There also have been some funny and negative sides like getting our licenses plates stolen, not knowing how to order steak and ending up with […]

Dec 11

Ok, so real life story, I have always had this random fear of tomatillos.  Not their actual taste, which I L-O-V-E, but I was so confuse on what you actually do with them.  Like they have this weird shriveled up outer skin on them.  Thoughts that ran through my head, “what do I do with […]

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