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Harvest Cobb Chicken Salad with Beets and Figs

Sep 12

Bursting with fall flavors and colors, this harvest cobb salad with beets and figs is a healthy dinner option that suites any taste buds. Truth be told, I often eat the same thing over and over for dinner.  Hey I like what I like and as long as it’s healthy and flavorful, then I will […]

Jan 8

We have had a few gloomy, stormy days here in Hawaii which always reminds me of my favorite comfort foods.  Sorry to the rest of the world who is currently in negative temperatures and snow storms!  I guess I will have to stop posting pictures on Instagram of afternoon beach swims and palm trees! 

Jun 5

A basket full of the most beautiful fruits and vegetables along with Libby, the always friendly golden retriever, attempting to wag her tail hello at everyone, in one hand. And, a glass of lilikoi kombucha in the other hand, my weekly trip to the farmers market was the start to a sunny Hawaiian weekend.  

As I arrived home unloading my bright red strawberries, bunches of green basil and the creamiest locally made goat cheese, my arms were tired but my heart was happy.  There sat in my kitchen bunches of fresh, local foods coloring my kitchen table in every hue.  To me there is something charming about trips to the market and thoughts racing through my head of what to make with the now plethora of foods that now graced my table.

May 27

Two years ago, I spent the summer studying in France and later traveling to Italy, where I stayed in the most magical of places called Cinque Terre, a group of five small towns hidden in the hills and right along the Mediterranean.  It was a beautiful few days filled with hikes through the vineyards, salty afternoon swims, and beautiful meals of fresh caught fish, local wines and lots of pesto!

Since green is my favorite color and pesto is one of my favorite foods, I created this spring green arugula pesto a while back and have since be putting it on everything, from eggs to chicken to grain free crackers—a scoop of pesto can brighten and flavor your daily plate in the best way!  Pesto backed macaroni and cheese has always been one of my favorite dishes, so I decided to re-create it using grain-free ingredients.

Apr 23

When in doubt of what to eat, choose grilling “bunless” burgers heaped high with your favorite toppings, cheeses, vegetables or sauces.  Burgers, that universal comfort food that everyone enjoys!  When I first started experiencing my healthy issues and eventually changed my diet, removing all grains and most starches, “bunless” burgers quickly became my favorite food.  To me, the foods that taste the best are foods instantly satisfies not only our need for nourishment but also our desires for delicious, flavorful comfort food, and that for me I often a grilled burger.

My husband and I love to cook together and on weekends when he is not out to sea, we are usually creating something delicious on the smoker or BBQ.  One of our favorites is stuffed hamburgers, so I wanted to share this family favorite from our kitchen to yours! Its quite simple to make, but the addition of a few ingredients can transform your everyday hamburger into something colorful, gourmet, oh and healthy!  Using grass-fed beef to make burgers has countless health benefits because the a grass-fed cow’s diet is rich in omega 3 which can help reduce inflammation & heart disease, while helping the brain develop and grow.  {Read more about the benefits of grass-fed meats here…}

Mar 5

With the arrival of spring, the loveliest greens have begun to appear in the market.  Anyone that knows me or has seen my kitchen dishes, knows that I love the color green—any hue or brightness of green cheers your mood and brightens your plate.  Whether it is fresh asparagus or a sprinkle of chopped basil, green foods and herbs can transform your daily meal into something beautiful and delicious.  The simplicity of cracked eggs or a garden salad can turn into a gourmet meal with the addition of leafy greens or fresh herbs.

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