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Nov 17

I am totally into the spirit of the holidays—it totally helps that I am in Virginia experiencing my first fall in 4 years since living in Hawaii and wearing boots and sweaters, my absolute favorite! Be sure to go check out this gorgeous, minimalistic Green & White Thanksgiving Table inspiration I put together with my […]

Nov 16

I’ve partnered with Huhtamaki Inc. for the Chinet® brand to create this post! Enjoy! I can’t believe it is that festive time of year again—the time when the world lights up with sparkles and we have all the excuses to invite friends over for pomegranate mimosas! Also, gingerbread bundt cakes, can we talk about that!? Can’t […]

Sep 13

Football season is officially here and if you are my husband, you are beyond excited, and if you are me, you are all about team snacks! My husband and I actually love watching football together, it has sort of has become a relaxing, activity tradition we do together.  I do love the sport, but my […]


Aug 23

Do you all remember Nutella?! Well, I remember eating it by the spoonful in high school and college and the other day I randomly started craving it! I seriously wish I could figure out my food cravings, they make absolute no sense. So I made this Nutella milkshake—more like a hazelnut brownie, salted Nutella milkshake […]

Jul 26

There still is no avocado emoji! Really people emoji people, whoever and wherever you are?! Time to create one…but in the mean time, I will just be over here eating all the guacomole! My husband and I spent some time this past May at my families property in Mexico.  Let’s just say the appetizer version […]

Jul 19

I literally want to face plant into these poke bowls, but that wouldn’t be pretty, so I will restrain myself! Are you like me and often have those intense food cravings?!  Like randomly at 10 am as I am typing this blog post and craving raw chunks of ahi tossed in spicy sauce topped endlessly […]

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