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Episode 20: Demo Day—Busting Common Nutrition Myths

Jan 30, 2017

In today’s episode, we’re breaking down 8 common nutrition myths and giving you real life, doable suggestions to help drive the truth home and create more balance and nourishment in your life. From why fat is actually one of the healthiest things you can eat to the truth about whole grains, we’re breaking down the hot topics that tend to confuse us right into a box of donuts.

January is a month where you hear a lot more health and nutrition commercials, blog posts, ads and the like that are usually full of recommendations that can actually go against our desire to get and be healthy, despite our best efforts. This isn’t because they’re trying to scam you, but a lot of old and debunked info is still being taught that just isn’t doing our bodies any justice.

In the words of our favorite reality TV stars, Chip and Joanna Gaines, “It’s demo day!” 

Can we be candid with you today? Our dream is for this podcast to grow and reach hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to help encourage our listeners to create and maintain a balanced, well-rounded approach to a healthy lifestyle. But the bottom line is that we can’t do this without YOU and truth be told, we wouldn’t want to. You are why we do what we do. You are why we LOVE what we do.

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