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Episode 44: Recognizing the Need for Health Changes with Blair Staky

Aug 7, 2017

Colorful Eats Podcast Episode 44: Recognizing the Need for Health Changes with Blair Staky

Happy Monday and welcome back to another episode of the Colorful Eats podcast! We are so excited to have on a very special guest, Blair Staky, the brains and beauty behind the lifestyle and fashion blog, the Fox and She. We loved the shift we saw in her blog, sharing her new found passion for healthy living and thought her story could encourage other women to make it happen.

On today’s episode, Blair shares a bit about her healthy living journey, gives us some insight into her lightbulb moment and shares what advice she’d give to other women just starting out on their health journey. Blair also talks about how changing direction with her fashion focused blog has changed her business and her impact in a super positive way.

We are crazy about this beautiful mama-to-be and we know you’ll love her too! To get more Blair in your life and follow her super fashionable, cute little baby bump, visit her website, The Fox and She, or Instagram!

Highlight Reel

4:00 | Why Blair began her health journey

6:50 | Blair’s lightbulb moment

11:20 | Blair’s advice on where to start if you’re a newbie

14:30 | Her healthy living motivator

29:02 | How sharing her heart has changed her business


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