Episode 8: Safe Skincare—More than Just a Movement with Kate Criswell




Being healthy is not just about the food we eat, though that is very important. It really is about so much more—it comes down to sleep, relationships, contentment and a big portion especially in today’s world is non-toxic living.

We wanted to specifically talk about safe skincare, products that as women, we use most days of our lives. This topic is gaining so much popularity in the mainstream news or circles today and we truly believe that this is more than just a movement, it’s not a fad that is going to fade in a week or even a year.

On today’s episode, we welcome Kate Criswell, a good friend, a woman passionate about safe skincare and a Managing Director with Beautycounter who shares it all with us!  Join us for this eye opening conversation about how the products you use daily affect your hormones, fertility, children (even future children) and weightloss!

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This podcast episode is proudly sponsored by the Nutritional Therapy Association: Real Education for People Who Believe in Real Food.

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