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Fair Trade, Cozy Winter Apparel with Patagonia

Dec 4, 2016

Sweater Vest | Nano Puff Down Jacket | Skinny Jeans (25% off) | Riding Boots (on sale!) | Flannel Shirt (extra 30% off) | Watch | Pom-Pom Beanie

We are in Virginia for our final two weeks before Spain—to say we are trying to speed up time is an understatement, but I am truly trying to live in the moment and enjoy this season.  We are currently living in a little cabin in the woods and I have to drive to Starbucks to get wifi! You know you are “houseless” when you help the ladies at Starbucks decorate the store tree, right?!

Speaking of seasons, I am so happy to finally experience the changing of seasons, something I missed more than I can describe when we lived in Hawaii.

So coming from Hawaii, we had no winter clothing! I have this major thing for winter layers and since we are living out of 2 suitcases each, I had to majorly constrain myself.  My husband didn’t even have shoes to wear and I didn’t have a coat, so let’s just say REI got a pretty paycheck from us.  We selected a few quality pieces that we knew we would also wear in Europe and pieces that would last a long time!

I would much rather have one nice item, then a million little things, plus who wants to keep track of that much stuff..NOT ME.

I have always loved Patagonia for winter coats and accessories…truth be told I have a vest from 8th grade that my dad bought me, similar to this current one, that still seems brand new!

I also LOVE their company mission and focus on sustainability, not only for the environment but more importantly for the marketplace,  as well as their fair trade practices.

Have you heard of “fast fashion”? Oh my gosh, I have been doing way to much research on the topic recently and convicted that I want to be more thoughtful with my purchases and the companies I choose to support!  The textile industry has always been one of the worst, but the amount of waste involved with textile and fashion as well as the horrible working conditions truly convicted me!

I talked a little about this in our gift guide podcast episode HERE, but I encourage you to do your own research on the topic!

Patagonia is part of Fair Trade USA  and they employ an entire team dedicated to social and environmental responsibility. This team works with Patagonia’s factories to onboard and certify them. It takes months to fulfill the process but once the factory is certified, all brands producing in this factory can benefit. Patagonia is doing the legwork in hopes that other brands will start paying the premium to produce Fair Trade Certified™.

I love what this company is doing and that I can do a little part to ensure that workers and their children are treated correctly!

My hubby has this puffer down coat in navy blue as well as this organic cotton flannel shirt and totally loves them! I love how manly Patagonia men’s apparel is, yes yes, the woodsy look is my favorite!

Thank you Patagonia for collaborating with me, all thoughts are uniquely my own.

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