Grain-Free Browned Butter, Fluffy Hazelnut Pancakes








My husband and I are officially moved into our new house and absolutely loving feeling home again—yes, there is still this one annoying box that I have yet to unpack sitting in the corner but ugg, I just don’t want to deal with it right now.  After over 4 months on the road not eating a single treat with the exception of these maple sea salt R(x) bars, I truly have missed grain-free pancakes, my morning butter biscuits and other homemade treats!

This past weekend we spent the morning making pancakes and then exploring our new neighborhood taking a very long walk with our pup to the beach—I absolutely love the pace of life here in Spain and just in a few weeks, I have seriously felt my stress level go way down and happiness levels way up!  If there is one thing that I have realized in life recently, it is that stress is never worth it in the long run!!

I have been trying to share many of our adventures and what I am eating daily over on Instagram stories!

Breakfast is truly one of my love languages, especially when the hubby makes it for me! Honestly, if I skip breakfast I am just not a nice person all day long, so pretty much I never skip breakfast!  These pancakes are so easy to make, requiring just a handful of ingredients that you probably already have on hand.  And they are SO fluffy—like in the movie “Despicable Me” when the little girl goes “ITS SO FLUFFY!” Yes, that I literally said that while making these.

Since I have to watch the amount of sugars I eat, I am always disappointed when I see recipes, even the “healthy” ones that have sweeteners in the batter!  The brown butter in this pancake batter gives it just a hint of sweetness and the most amazing rich flavor, without any sugars!  Of course drizzle maple syrup on to your hearts content if you desire!

PS—I love using hazelnut flour because hazelnuts have a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients and personally almond flour makes my stomach hurt. Using different ingredients will result in a different quality and texture of pancakes, so I do not answer substitution questions 😉

Grain-Free Browned Butter, Fluffy Hazelnut Pancakes


makes 16-20 (smallish) pancakes | approximately 3.6 g carbs per pancake



  • Warm a small sauce pan over medium heat for a good 5 minutes.  Add the butter to the pan so that it browns slightly as it melts.  Continue melting and browning until your butter has that caramelized, nutty flavor but is not burned.  Set aside.
  • Sift together the dry ingredients.  Separate the eggs placing the whites into a clean bowl and the yolks into the bowl with the flours.  Use a hand mixer to whip the egg whites until soft, foamy peaks form.  Add the remaining wet ingredients (with only half of the browned butter) to the flour and egg yolk mixture and use the hand mixer to mix.  Fold the egg whites in and stir until well combined but not entirely flat.
  • Grease your warm griddle with your fat of choice.  Using a serving spoon, spoon the pancake batter on to the griddle.  You want pancake batter to sizzle slightly when dropped onto hot griddle, test with one pancake first and adjust the heat as needed.
  • Leave the pancakes until halfway cooked and the edges are entirely cooked, then carefully flip and continue cooking the batter.
  • Garnish with remaining browned butter, banana slices, fresh raspberries and/or maple syrup.

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