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With the shift to fall and winter, comes a movement to go more internal, to preserve energy, to cozy up and to strengthen the body’s resilience. These holistic tools and products will bring joy to your daily rituals and encourage your body and mind during these cooler months. Enjoy our holistic fall and winter collection!

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I love adding a few quality pieces to our home each season—items that will last and we will truly treasure daily. My husband often jokes that I take months to decide on one item, and it’s true, I carefully thing about all the details and if I can envision our family using and loving it for years to come.

Our holistic fall + winter collection brings nature inside your home and heart to infuse your day with serenity and delight.

Daily Wellness Essentials Collage for the Flourish Holistic Fall and Winter Shop

Daily Holistic Wellness Essentials

Broad Spectrum Nano CBD Jellies

The unique nano technology of these CBD jellies makes them 100% absorbable and the effects last for a full 24 hours. These have been the best addition to my routine the past few months and I’ve noticed a profound difference in sleep, patience, migraine relief, anxiety and overall feeling like my body has the physical and mental capacity to handle whatever the day brings.

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Beekeepers Throat Spray

I started using this last winter, in combination with the Manuka Elixir below, and noticed such a positive shift in how my body handled sickness. I spray my through daily and increase to a few times daily at the first signs of sickness. Especially as someone with thyroid disease (Hashimoto’s), protecting the throat is key. Emotionally, often stress and trauma—which leads to sickness—is stored in the throat. This is such a beautiful supportive addition.

Manuka Immune Elixir

One and done, this elixir has everything you need in one bottle at a great price point. Medicinal grade Manuka honey has strong antiviral and antibacterial properties. Silver helps break down the DNA of invader cells. Astragalus is an immune modulator which helps balance the response to pathogens (this is key so we don’t overact or under act). Take one drop full daily and you’ll notice the difference.

Canelle et Vanille Bakes Simple

All gluten free, and mostly dairy free, my daughter and I have loved baking from this book. We are excited to start making gluten free sourdough! There’s something about a pastry and a cup of hot coffee to enrich a cozy day.

Vuori Daily Jogger

I love that these have a bit more shape and elegance than just regular leggings. I wear them daily to go running or you can dress them up with a sweater. These wash and wear beautifully.

Infrared Light

Bring sunshine and energy into your home with this unique, portable light. Infrared light penetrates deep into the cells activating them with energy and efficiency. You’ll notice a difference in energy, mood, pain relief, thyroid function and your immune response. FLOURISH5 for 5% off.

Read the Benefits of Infrared Light Therapy >

Val Marie Prayer Journal

The way this journal is laid out makes it practical and useful, even for someone like me who isn’t a big journal-er. I always feel mentally and physically refreshed after spending a few quiet moments in prayer and gratitude (I love going back over the gratitude section as the months progress). 

Cozy, Natural Home Vibes Collage for the Flourish Holistic Fall and Winter Shop

Cozy, Natural Home Vibes

Cement Taper Candle Holder

Beautifully display your beeswax spiral candles. The shape and colors are so calming. 

Amelia Mug

Even prettier in person, I got a few of these for my birthday and they bring so much joy into sipping something warm in those dreary morning hours. 

All Natural ‘Twilight’ Candle

All the nostalgia and emotions of lighting a candle without the harmful ingredients or headache. This crisp and sweet scent brings delight to any space.

Ribbed Knit Organic Blanket

A cozy essential to my quiet morning routine.

Beeswax Spiral Candles

The spiral shape is so fun and unique—these naturally scent your home with a dreamy honey fragrance without any harmful ingredients. Lighting a candle brings a calming moment whether it’s the dinner time rush or the stillness of the morning. Burning beeswax produces negative ions that are known to filter the air while they burn. These beautiful candles release a sweet honey smell but also help clean your air of odors, dust, toxins, pollens, and other allergens.

Brass Tray

Keeping your daily vitamins and tinctures on a fun tray makes it that much more enjoyable. I set my vitamins, probiotics and CBD jelly out the night before and keep my tinctures like Manuka Immune Elixir and Mushroom Magic on the tray to take in the morning. 

Ceramic Snack Dish

Add some small bites like pistachios, olives, blueberries or chocolate chips to nibble while you make dinner. This keeps the little people at my feet busy while I cook!

Natural, Clean Skincare Collage for the Flourish Holistic Fall and Winter Shop

Natural, Clean Skincare

Hyaluronic Sea Serum

have been loving this weightless serum and noticed a big difference in my skin’s hydration and decrease in fine lines. Hyaluronic acid, seaweed and snow mushroom maintain skin cell’s moisture levels and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. This sea serum feels refreshing! 

Primally Pure Dry Shampoo

This gives the most volume and quickly takes away greasy roots. Your hair will look like new again. In the cooler months, I’m able to go longer stretches without a full wash so this comes in handy. All natural ingredients that work. FLOURISH for 10% off any order.

Explore our Natural Hair Care Guide >

Mighty Plump Ceramide Cream

Love at first use! It’s weightless, soaks in quickly and you’ll see an instant youthful, plumping effect on your face, particularly for me in my forehead region. Ceramides are fatty acids found in skin cells that act as a protective barrier to keep moisture locked in the cells and protect the skin from outside aggressors like bacteria, irritants and toxins.

All Natural Jasmine Perfume

This shell perfume is SO fun, beautifully scented without any harsh or overwhelming chemicals that give you a headache. Lift your spirits and infuse your daily rituals with this botanical perfume packaged in a beautiful seashell. A fun addition to your beauty bag and day.

Mane & Nails

Grow your hair like a weed—my hair is below my hips so I’m living proof. Nourish from the inside out, you’ll notice a difference in the texture, growth and vibrancy of your hair! Combining western herbals and Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, this blend of tissue building vitamins and minerals are the building blocks for beauty. 

Tulip Tint Cheek Balm

This cream blush is fun and blends in so naturally, no harsh lines or transitions. Your cheeks will glow! I wear Crispa Coral.

Plum Sheer Lipstick

My go to color for fall and winter for years now, it’s the perfect amount of color without being too much. It feels like chapstick and isn’t sticky or thick.

Baby and Children's Essentials Collage for the Flourish Holistic Fall and Winter Shop

Baby + Children’s Essentials

Manuka for Munchkins

Consider this your little’s daily vitamin. Manuka is high in antibacterial and antiviral properties which helps navigate common sicknesses with more ease. It also supports digestion due to oligosaccharides, which have a prebiotic effect on the gut and promote the proliferation of good flora! Enjoy a spoonful daily—they will look forward to this sweet superfood!

Bioray NDF Calm Drops

These drops have been a beautiful addition to our routine. Typically I used them at night to help wind down physically and mentally, but they are also a lifesaver when stressful moments or events come—keep in your purse for on-the-go use.

All Birds Runners

Easy to pull on and easy to toss in the washing machine, these are a house favorite. And they feel like you are walking on a cloud.

Wide Leg Fleece Trousers

These classic, cozy staples are perfect for play. All my littles have worn these over the years and we have quite a few sets. They are too cute for any age and the quality holds up over time! Adore all of their sweaters too.

Organic Cotton Sweater Set

How can you resist?! The bear ears do it for me. So soft, warm and a great price point.

Play Tunnel

Our Occupational Therapist recommended this for learning new skills and sensory input. All 3 littles get endless hours of play with this—well worth the investment especially on cold, cozy days. Plus it’s made with non-toxic leather and aesthetically pleasing!

Wooden Pickler Triangle

We get so much daily use out of this. Climbing is great for all the senses and a grounding activity. Made sustainably with all wood.

Conscious Clothing Collage for the Flourish Holistic Fall and Winter Shop

Conscious + Sustainable Clothing

Doen Agotha Shirt

Feminine and timeless, this shirt was an investment piece that I have loved. It’s the perfect transition piece for fall and lovely with a sweater. It’s even more beautiful in person.

Fleece Popover Henley

So cozy and washes well. I adore anything from Frank and Eileen, they are investment pieces that you’ll be reaching for on the daily.  This capelet version is so fun too.

Emile Cardigan

Everything from this brand feels like you just took a trip to France, timeless, feminine and adds elegance to your every day. So soft and cozy and pairs with everything. Fits a bit on the roomy side. 

Poppy + Barley Eyelet Oxford

I fell in love with this brand this summer (sustainably made and fair pricing), their shoes feel like you are walking on a cloud. So buttery soft, durable and classic. I also have my eyes on their Chelsea Boot and the Daily Loafer.

Washable Silk Skirt

Such a fun addition you can dress up or wear on the daily. The elastic waistband makes it so comfortable. I’ve been wearing this with white sneakers and a sweater.

Plaid Flannel

I’ve invested in a few of these over the years, and the linen version in the summer, and they do not disappoint. Goes with everything and wears so well! They are a bit roomier, so size down if you want a fitted look.

Wool House Slippers

I got these a few years ago and still wear them daily in the cooler months. You would think they make your feet hot, but the don’t and I don’t like hot or sweaty feet. These are so cozy and stand up well over time. The perfect gift for anyone!

Carson Lounge Pants

One of my investment pieces from last winter, I just pulled them out again this season and they do not disappoint. I love how soft and cozy they are and the elastic waistband fits beautifully. These are a bit roomy, pair with the Carson Sweater for a dreamy outfit. I put mine in a laundry bag and wash on delicate cycle. 

Canyon Insulated Jacket

I was in desperate need of a new jacket and this is so warm and makes you feel like you are snuggled up in a blanket.

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