Pregnancy Self Care: Essential Tips for Nurturing and Comfort



Picture of Caroline sitting down on the bathroom sink while smiling and putting her hands on her pregnant belly.

Pregnancy self care is such a beautiful yet challenging process (at least for me)! The reward is life changing and SUCH a miracle but every day feels like climbing a mountain. Your body is constantly changing and the whirlwind of emotions can be heightened. 

I truly believe that self care isn’t really “self” care—but it impacts every aspect of your life and the loved ones you need and want to nurture and cherish. These few little acts of kindness to yourself will pay you back…and your sweet family…far beyond the pregnancy season!

It takes effort and intention to make these moments of self care happen but hey I’m growing a human so I need all the help I can get!

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Picture of Caroline sitting down on the bathroom sink while smiling and looking down, and putting her hands on her pregnant belly.

Pregnancy Self Care

Guard who you allow to speak into your life

This seriously has been my saving grace in both pregnancies. I’m very carefully normally who I allow to speak into my life and what energies and emotions I allow to enter my day and home, but in pregnancy I am even more guarded – this is pure pregnancy self care. I keep my circle tight! Everyone has opinions and especially with a high risk pregnancy, people’s opinions can spark anxiety and be emotionally draining. Set boundaries and don’t feel guilty about that!

Get cozy

It’s truly the simple joys in life! There is no better time to take advantage of all the cozy little luxuries than during pregnancy. Light a candle, make a cup of something warm and comforting and always, always get into your PJs or loungewear early in the evening…sometimes that’s 4pm for me! I love having a fan on and cuddling up under a blanket!

Move + exercise

Just because you are pregnant does not mean you are broken! Exercise is the one thing that helps me feel great during my very difficult pregnancies. It’s a temporary escape from the extreme nausea and body aches, plus it always makes me feel both calm and energized mentally!

Invest in a good prenatal

You are growing a human, right?! Prenatal vitamins aren’t just about giving baby the nutrients he or she needs but they are replenishing your nutrients as a mama! On average it takes about 2-3 years to replenish nutrient stores after having a baby and prenatal vitamins can set you up for long term success so you can nurture your little one and tackle your responsibilities.

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Ask for a day or half day alone

There are so many emotions that can be highlighted during pregnancy and that is not a bad thing. Especially with this being my second child, sometimes I find that I can’t even hear my own thoughts (again not a bad thing…this season of life of raising littles is beautiful but also exhausting)! My husband took our sweet daughter on a little daddy daughter trip at the end of pregnancy. They got to spend some intentional time together and I had the house free to myself—to rest physically, tackle all I wanted to get done before baby 2 but also rest spiritually. Emotionally I knew I needed the quiet and space. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you know your heart really needs! You need time and quiet to prepare physically, emotionally and spiritually!

Take a bath

Sometimes this sounds so cliche but it’s what the body truly needs. Taking a bath is so much deeper than just ‘self care’ because it intentionally takes your body out of hustle and go mode and puts your body into total relaxation mode. This is a signal to your nervous system to calm down for a bit and that will impact everything—your sleep, emotions, muscles, hormones and even digestion. Put your phone away, light a candle and just embrace the stillness! 

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Organizing + nesting

Pregnant or not, organizing has always been self care for me. It’s so peaceful and stress relieving to control what I can by organizing, decluttering and tiding up a space. I also love to do this mentally by making a brain dump or idea bank! I have an ‘idea’ page at the front of every month in my calendar and it’s so therapeutic to get everything out of my head. If you are in nesting mode, embrace it!! Remember a cluttered space = a cluttered you!

Chiropractor + acupuncture

This has been lifesaving for me this pregnancy! It seriously diminished the debilitating nausea during my first two trimesters and has helped me sleep SO much. I go to the chiropractor weekly (she is Webster trained if you want to look up that method for pregnancy). I have slept so well this pregnancy and only ever wake up once during the night to go to the bathroom. Sleep is truly the greatest gift, especially with a sweet tot in our house…mama has to sleep when she can! I go to acupuncture less frequently but am increasing my appointments at the end of pregnancy to help prepare my body! Both these holistic tools have allowed me to get out of bed and actually be productive this pregnancy, so I am so thankful for that!

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