Summer Breakfast at the Beach {Grain free, paleo}



Last year on my birthday a most fabulously wrapped package arrived from my husband containing my very first real camera.  He was deployed, so the fact that it even was wrapped amazed me!  I was so excited and slightly intimidated to start using this new tool, using the dictionary to look up words like aperture, ISO and shutter speed.  I have spent the past year teaching myself to photograph: somedays I want to give up, but each day my dreams for the future grow bigger!  This year, my husband took leave for a summer vacation, and I told him that the best birthday present was just the fact that he was home with me.  Yet, this past friday as I unloaded the car, I opened the back to discover a bag from Cannon, and with that a brand new camera!  I have been playing all weekend, snapping pictures and squealing with delight at how beautiful they look! I feel I don’t deserve this grand gift but am reminded as I hold a new camera in my hands, that dreams can be achieved and hard work does pay off in the end.  So whatever your dreams may be, hold fast and pursue them, thanking the people that surround you and support your dreams!

In our family, we have a summer tradition of making breakfast on the beach.  My dad has a Coleman stove and we pack up a picnic basket filled with eggs, breakfast sausages, fresh fruit and hot coffee.  This year, the night before I whipped up a batch of my grain free and Paleo banana bread, made into mini bundt cakes, and brought that along to munch on with some butter and raw honey.  It was a delightful morning filled with friends, family, traditions and good food enjoyed on a sandy beach picnic table.

I wanted to share this tradition and inspiration with you all.  You really can take whatever you want for breakfast and cook it at the beach—from flipping pancakes on a camp stove to pre-making waffles or banana bread.  I hope this inspires you that its possible to still enjoy your traditions and favorite activities such as beach camping or cooking on cast iron skillets while still eating healthy! Wake up and enjoy the summer sun, gathering with good food in beautiful places!

A Grain Free and Paleo Summer Breakfast on the Beach


serves 6

  • 1 dozen eggs
  • 1 package chicken feta sausage
  • 1 package beef breakfast sausage
  • banana bread bundt cakes*
  • fruit bowl
  • butter for greasing stove and serving with banana bread
  • hot coffee carafes, water, fresh juice, cups
  • plates, napkins, forks, spatula for flipping eggs, paper towels, pot holders
  • 1 portable camping stove or small charcoal grill + large griddle or skillet

Tips and Tricks

  • If you do not have a portable camping/Coleman stove, a simple portable charcoal grill will work. Just bring a skillet to place on top of the charcoal grill grates and cook away.
  • We precooked the breakfast sausage, wrapped them in foil and then warmed them on the stove at the beach.  US Wellness Meats has a large selection of flavorful chicken, beef and pork breakfast sausages.
  • Banana bread can be made in a loaf, muffin pans or mini bundt cake pans.  If using these bundt cake pans, cook banana bread batter for 22-25 minutes. Can be made the night before.
  • Pancakes are also easy to make at the beach, just make the batter the morning of and bring in a container.  Grill on the griddle/skillet like you would in your kitchen, and don’t forget the maple syrup!

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  1. Theresa says:

    Seems like the best way to celebrate a birthday – with family at the beach with food that is beautiful and healthful =D

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