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Breakfast. The color green. Truffle oil. Hot coffee—These are a few of my favorite things!  

Spring is here and with the warming of the seasons and showers of afternoon rain, breakfast for me has been filled with vibrant, delicate spring greens.  I love springtime greens because they are light, delicate and so flavorful—arugula, spinach, asparagus, green onions.  One of my favorite vegetables is asparagus—roasted and topped with a sprinkle of percorino and a drizzle of truffle oil.  So I put my favorite combination in this cheerful green breakfast omelet.  If you are looking of great seasonal recipe ideas, check out the Williams Sonoma blog—their pictures and recipes are simply delightful. Oh and speaking of Williams Sonoma, my favorite store ever, the other day they liked me photo on Instagram! I literally squealed with excitement as that was a big moment for me 🙂

Breakfast is not only my favorite meal, but also important to start your day on a energetic and nutritious note.  This month, I was finally and happily able to return to a morning tradition of making breakfast for my husband before he hurries out the door to work.  As the moon still hangs in the sky and my eyes barely open, I some how manage to create breakfast and coffee.  Cooking for the ones I love, no matter how sleepy my eyes may be, brings me so much joy.  He is home from sea for a while so we have been taking full advantage of the turquoise Hawaiian beaches, making BBQ on Sunday night, hiking with the pup and just enjoying being together!  For the first time in our marriage, we have had 4 full weekends off, which rarely happens when being married to someone in the Navy, so get ready for a plethora of spicy, salty summer BBQ recipes coming your way, because on the weekends we cook together—good food and good fun!

Truffle oil is a finishing oil commonly used in French and Italian cooking.  Filling your kitchen with a pleasant aroma, truffle oil and truffle salt can transform a simple omelet into a gourmet meal.  This scrumptious egg dish is inspired by my love of Europe and their culinary beauty. Bon appetite and happy breakfast cooking from my kitchen to yours!

Truffled Spring Green Omelet

A simple breakfast omelet filled with seasonal spring greens and truffled oil.  A grain free and gluten free gourmet breakfast omelet.

makes 1 omelet



  • Heat a skillet to medium heat. Melt butter in pan.
  • Chop off tough ends of asparagus stalks. Sauté in butter for 5-10 minutes, depending on the thickness of your asparagus. Asparagus turns a brighter green as it begins to soften.
  • While asparagus is cooking, whisk together eggs and cream.
  • Remove asparagus from skillet and pour egg batter into the pan. Cook for a few minutes until edges are slightly crispy and middle is no longer runny. Add asparagus, arugula, and handful of parmesan shavings into center of omelet. 
  • Use a spatula to carefully fold in half creating a rolled omelet. 
  • Serve topped with a drizzle of truffle oil, salt, green onions and parmesan shavings.

This & That

  • Truffle oil is a great finishing oil. Top with a splash of this fragrant oil for best results. The aroma is amazing!  Truffle salt can be found at many smaller grocery stores or Trader Joes.
  • Adding a handful of cheese to the middle of the omelet helps it stick together.

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