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10 Spring Essentials for The Modern, Flourishing Woman

Apr 19, 2018

10 Spring Essentials for the Modern, Flourishing Woman | Flourish

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Spring is in full bloom in my neighborhood and I am loving this season! I thought I would share a fun round-up of my favorite Spring essentials, inspiration and health tips for April.

10 Spring Essentials for The Modern, Flourishing Woman

Fun Book Reads: Sweet Laurel Bakery, Body Love, Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan to Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer, Cherish the First 6 Weeks (current mama to be reading)

Hat for sun protection: Your face is the most sensitive part of your body, so keep it protected—Brixton Straw Hat, Panama Hat, Boater Hat, Linen Baseball Cap

Best Spring Lip Colors: Twig Lip Sheer (for the “makeup-less” look), Petal (for a soft pink) and Peony Lip Gloss for a pop of color.  These lip sheers are free of heavy metals like lead and endocrine disruptors.  For a deeper pop of color check out the Color Intense Lipstick!

Comfy flats: Slip-ons are my favorite right now being 36 weeks pregnant and I am loving these blush pink loafers.  I also have my eye on these eco-friendly sport runners and bow mules.

Safe spring cleaner: Doing some spring cleaning? Try Branch Basics’s non-toxic, human safe and plant based cleaning solution (it actually works too)!

Sunscreen: Conventional sunscreen is one of the most toxic beauty products, so always choose safe, especially for your little one’s sensitive skin.  I love this roll on stick as it’s not greasy or messy! Remember, by eating lots of good quality, nutritious fats your body will naturally protect itself from the sun, from the inside out!

Redecorating for Spring: Did you know that placing a succulent in front of your computer screen can actually block some of the radiation?!  Fill your house with fresh blooms and plants this Spring!

Workout Outfit: Spring is the perfect time to get outdoors and get moving.  I absolutely love these workout pants (honestly my all time favorites) as they don’t fall down ever!  Pair with this crop top bra and this super soft tee. 

Fresh, Spring Recipes: Strawberry Cobb Salad, Roasted Potatoes with Spring Herbs and Burrata, Grain-Free Dutch Baby, Grain Free Lemon Blackberry Poppyseed Cake, Dairy Free Pistachio Ice Cream

Water Bottle: Stay hydrated with these eco friendly and toxic free glass or stainless steel water bottles.  Bonus—they don’t make your water taste funky like some reusable bottles do!

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