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Episode 77: Why Gluten Free May Not Always Be the Best Choice

Apr 23, 2018

Episode 77: Why Gluten Free May Not Always Be the Best Choice

Have you ever wondered if you should be following a gluten-free diet? Or if you are already following one, is it as healthy as it could be? On today’s podcast we are digging into the popular gluten-free label and asking if it’s really as healthy as most think.

To help you understand just how far wheat and gluten have come from the days when Jesus was breaking bread, we’re sharing a bit about their history and how much they’ve both changed over time. Because of this, many are needing to following a gluten-free diet, but oftentimes this new diet can be filled with processed ingredients potentially causing more issues. Today we’re digging into why a “gluten-free” label may not necessarily mean “healthy” and some of our favorite ways to optimize a gluten-free diet.

Whether you are gluten-free currently or have been considering trying it out, today’s episode will help you understand more about the gluten-free food world and eat the foods that will help you thrive on a gluten-free diet.

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Highlight Reel

07:10 |  A little history on wheat and gluten

18:30 | Why a “gluten-free” label doesn’t always mean healthy

26:26 | Some great gluten-free real food options


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